Step 7: Installing the new LCD

Picture of Installing the new LCD
17.  Ok so now lets put the new LCD into the phone.  Your new LCD will have a clear plastic film covering the screen.  Grab the blue or green tab and remove the clear screen cover and throw away. 

18.  Now on the ribbon cable where the cable sticks to the metal area on the green board may have a sticker on it.  Remove the sticker so the the ribbon cable will stick to the metal strip on the board. 

19.  YOU STILL HAVE NOT INSTALLED IT YET.   We are at the most important part of the new lcd installation.  Trust me you want to pay attention here, because if not you will have to take the phone apart again and thats not fun!!!  Ok insert the ribbon into the slot where you took the old ribbon out under the brown locking bar.  You must make sure that the ribbon goes in all the way so that the white line on the board is even with the white line on the ribbon.  Once you have it in push the brown locking bar back down locking the ribbon in place.

20.  Now attach the ribbon to the metal sticky tab on the board and then press the lcd into the frame.  You can now re-install the speaker ribbon back onto the back of the lcd along with the key board ribbon if you moved it out of the way. (when I did mine the black button fell out of the phone that you use on the front of the phone next to the screen.  There are 2 little black posts that this button sets behind under the speaker ribbon.  Just re-insert it and make sure that it is in correctly.)

21.  Once you have the LCD installed gently close the front face plate back onto the frame.  Insert the top part where the headphones would plug in first then squeeze the front cover back onto the frame working your way around the edge.  You will feel the factory clips snap back into place. 

22.  Remove the 2 silver motherboard screws and set aside.  Carefully lift the board out exposing the area where the keypad sits.

23.  Now slide the phone back open and put the 4 black screws back in where they belong.  Take the rubber keypad and put it back correctly onto the black grid face down. 

24.  Fold the motherboard back over and re-install the 2 silver screws. ALL OF THE SCREWS ONLY NEED TO BE TIGHTEND JUST BEYOND WHEN THEY GET FIRM.  DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!   DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OVER TIGHTEN THEM.  THEY WILL STRIP OUT VERY EASILY.

25.  Almost done.  Take the bottom outer case and starting at one end  snap it in place all the way around untill all the factory clips are back snapped in.   Re-install the 6 brass colored outer edge screws.  Insert the battery and battery cover.

26.  Now cross your fingers and hope that when you power it on you see the home screen.  If you don't and you see a black screen then you did not insert the lcd's ribbon far enough so that the white lines where aligned.  They must be perfect.  I know because I took my phone apart several times before I got it right.

I hope that this instructable helped you.  I searched the internet and did not locate any instructions for screen replacement for the Inensity 2.   Peace. 
scroll20992 years ago
Thank you so much. Love all the details. Worked great on my Intensity 2.
sig7707 (author)  scroll20992 years ago
Glad I could help
Jrock172 years ago
Thanks for the great instructions. I had to replace an LCD in the Intensity 3.

Almost identical, except 5 black screws to hold case on......and the locking bar for the LCD cable is black....it lifts very easily by hand ( fingernail). Other than that, everything is exactly the same.

Thanks again, hope this helps anyone considering replacing the LCD in an Intensity 3.
mjbuc2 years ago
Thanks sig7707. Third time was a charm! I must not've had the cable in right because I had to repeat before I got the screen to turn on, still better then bying a new phone!
sig7707 (author)  mjbuc2 years ago
Don't feel bad. I had to do mine 3 times as well. :)
TaylBomb3 years ago
Thanks a lot! this was very simple and easy to follow "instructable"!!! Saved me a lot of money and headache! Awesome thanks again!!!
sig7707 (author)  TaylBomb3 years ago
Hey your welcome. Glad I could help.
vidavivace3 years ago
These instructions are wonderful! Thanks to you I was able to save my phone and $280! Thanks for the help!
sig7707 (author)  vidavivace3 years ago
Hey glad I could help. Just view the world as if each broken item was made from Legos and you can put anything back together. :)
larryreid753 years ago
Fantastic 'how to'! Followed each step and had no issues. Thanks!!!
mitchoe3 years ago
Instructions were great! No problems at all. I did have to fight the screen to get it out though, it came out in pieces, first the backing, and then the screen and border material. Otherwise, everything went perfect. Thanks....
kazoni3 years ago
Instructions were perfect! I was able to get the screen replaced no problem at all. Hardest part was holding the slider halfway open to get at that last screw behind the screen section.
bigjim94003 years ago
Thanks for the help!!!
khodges13 years ago
THANKS FOR POSTING THIS,I'm not good at this type of thing but I took my time and aside from 1 stripped screw,worked the first time.Thanks again
Zloulias3 years ago
I just put the new screen in, and it only goes white when i turn it on. Did i do something wrong? Or is the phone done for?
sig7707 (author)  Zloulias3 years ago
Take it back apart and re-insert the ribbon cable. Mine had the white screen until I got it just right.