Picture of Samsung MOD (fixed ... mobile ... TV)
Ever dreamed of making your mobile TV fixed? Would'nt it be nice to watch the mobile channels from your pc?

This is how it could be done.

But your Samsung SGH-P900 will not work mobile anymore ... be warned ! ;-)

Step 1: Disassemble the device

Picture of Disassemble the device
It's easy to disassemble the Samsung. There are some screws on the back of the device. You only need a small phillips screw driver. Peel of the small rubber pads on the top of the mobile phone. There are small screws underneeth. There are 6 screws on the back that holds the case together.
As soon as the screws are removed the device could be opened. There are some plastic noses that could be opened easiely.
I like to connect to the keyboard to be able to control the device remotely. But the connector or the keyboard has got very tiny connectors. No chance to solder here without destoying the device.
I thought it would be best to solder directly on the button pads. Doing that the keyboard will get unusable and the device could never be put into it's initial state.
This is the point of no return!
evanwehrer6 years ago
Are you in the UK?
frickelkram (author) 8 years ago
More pictures of the P900 could be found on Zeec http://zeec.de/album/723
frickelkram (author) 8 years ago
The link is ... losy dot at the end of the link ... ts ts ts


frickelkram (author) 8 years ago
To padfoot447, at the moment I can control every function of the phone using my command line tool on the pc. I am using the av output of the phone to feed the tv signal to a video capture board in my pc. This way I can watch tv using a small java applet (cambozola) embedded insode a web page. I am working on a remote control based on a web page using ajax.

To leevonk, I am using the Windows 95/NT Port I/O Driver from http://www.driverlinx.com/DownLoad/dnload.htm. I modified the c sample program. I like c more than vb ;-) My old linker doesn't work on Windows while linking 32 bit libraries anymore. I was forced to do the compilation on a Linux machine using mingw. I simply do cross compiling ... it works great. To give you the sources I attached my c code and the makefile for linux. Please download the driver package from the webpage given above.
leevonk8 years ago
could you post the code and say the source of the I/O driver kit? I tried a couple and couldn't get any to work, so I just use MATLAB (it's able to do port I/O very very easily without any extra drivers).
padfoot4478 years ago
I would say crazy. Kudos the great idea! What can you do with it now?
wperry18 years ago
Crazy! Cool but Crazy?
Neodudeman8 years ago
Wow. I like the picture of it all weird up there, that's definitely cool!