Step 6: Pose and Basque in the Glory

        Now it's time to take a step back and enjoy your creation, as well as the adoration of complete strangers. It's surprising what size of crowds are attracted to these massive "snow" sculptures, despite the freezing winds and harsh outside conditions.

        After the construction of your San Diego "Snow" Castle, you should definitely feel accomplished. Now it is OK to go curl up by the fire with your blanket and hot chocolate, go ahead, you will have earned it.
Sitting in a snow and ice storm looking at these pics makes me glad I don't have to deal with that horrid San Diego weather in February. You poor sots. At least you can make the best a bad situation.
It's not always easy living in San Diego, but it's nice to get some sympathy from others!
lol I live in Riverside and I've never even SEEN snow
I live in San Francisco, its snowing in santa cruz up in the mtns where my grandparents live!
In the UK we call these things &quot;Sand-Castles&quot;, weird eh?<br> <br> L
How peculiar. I wonder why?

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