San Francisco: Past, Present, Future is the result of my interest in creating an interactive mapping of the city. This work allows you to explore the history, current conditions, and projected coastline of San Francisco. By overlaying translucent maps below a clear 3D printed city topography, you can see relationships between historical ecology, urban morphology, and potential sea-level rise scenarios. Discover where the city was built first, what development has been constructed on bay fill, what part of the city is at risk of inundation from sea-level rise.

The completed work acts as a light box, enabling the overlay of multiple maps on top of each other. The viewer can make their own discoveries of convergence between the maps. The clear 3D printed topography of San Francisco at the top of the model offers a tactile experience, creating the illusion of the maps being projected onto the surface

Step 1: Diagram

My first step was figuring out how all of the parts would come together and what it would look like. I chose a rather minimalist cube shape made up of stacked layers. Each layer of the frame was created by lasercut or waterjet, much of it shelving for the map slides. The slides can then be taken from below and placed above a diffused LED light to be viewed under the 3D printed topography of San Francisco. The LED light and power source is concealed within the body of the piece. The stacked pieces then rest on four plywood legs that are lasercut and fit below the model body without the need for hardware.

<p>This looks really good. Where is it now? I'd like to see it.</p>
<p>wow that is really amazing</p>
<p>These turned out great - can't wait to see 'em finished in person!</p>
<p>Great Instructable! Can't wait to see it in the show! </p>

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Bio: Gabriel’s work explores the intersection between ecology, infrastructure, art, and society. His investigations range from the detail to regional scale, often employing mapping, making ... More »
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