Picture of Sand Art Souvenir
Don't buy crappy souvenirs to remember your trip, make your own!

Step 1: Go on a trip

Picture of Go on a trip
Collect some sand. I went on a 5 week road trip across about 40 percent of my country to collect my sand.
You don't have to try so hard. Sand can be dyed with food colouring or you can use 'decorator sand' (the type they put in candle holders).
Also, buy two photo frames while you're out. Here I used 8" by 10".
hunter9991 year ago

Nice! I know what I will be doing for future souvenirs. :-)

Cezsaria (author)  hunter9991 year ago

Time to go on holiday, then!

Haha! I would, but I got too much school stuff :-(

Just wonderful! I haven't done sand art in a long time and never with this method! Thanks for showing how to do it :D

Cezsaria (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

You are very welcome :) I got the idea from a thing I saw at a market once, but it had water in it and you tipped it upside down to get a new picture.

Brilliant work! The art looks awesome :)

Cezsaria (author)  Muhaiminah Faiz1 year ago

*blush* Thanks Muhaiminah Faiz. I really like your instructables, so that means a lot :D

rimar20001 year ago

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Cezsaria (author)  rimar20001 year ago

Thank you Rimar2000 :)

BayRatt1 year ago

Wow! You make it look so easy! I have a feeling I'd have a lot of tipping the sand out & starting again before I got anything a fraction as lovely looking. That's probably part of the fun though, eh? :-)

Cezsaria (author)  BayRatt1 year ago

Pouring it out and going again is definitely part of the fun. I did this more than once... :D