A sandy swimsuits is usually not a good thing, but in this case it is!

Show your style at the beach with a sand pattern swimsuit, a swimsuit with a stenciled sticky application on the fabric that reveals a custom pattern after lying in the sand. The sand can then be washed away simply by swimming in water. When you're ready to show off your pattern again just lie in the sand. The best part is that the pattern can be anything you want!

The secret is a thin film of silicone caulking applied through a stencil. The silicone is elastic and can flex with the movement of a swimsuit, staying durable and firmly in place. This project explores the concept of applying flexible silicone to a swimsuit. The results were a success, but took some trial and error.

Step 1: Supplies

  • 100% clear silicone caulking
  • card stock
  • hobby knife
  • Lycra swimsuit (or similar stretchy swimsuit fabric)
  • cardboard
  • binder clips

It's a good idea to wear protective gloves when applying the caulking, and to work in a well ventilated area.

<p>Very nice..</p>
Sorry I haven't done it YET but I want to I need to save some money tho I'll be back before school starts lol
Are the memberships still available?!
<p>Yes! Let's see what you got!</p>
<p>methinks this might be the next big thing in kids swim wear. My sister did it on her kids swim suit and she just kept running from the sand to the water over and over the first time she wore it.</p>
<p>methinks this might be the next big thing in kids swim wear. My sister did it on her kids swim suit and she just kept running from the sand to the water over and over the first time she wore it.</p>
<p>A good idea! Has anyone tried it?</p><p>Would the silicone not damage the swimsuit when removing it or discolour the fabric? Also silicone dries up quickly....i don't see how you could use it again after the swim.</p>
<p>You must not have ever accidentally got silicone sealant on a shirt. At least on a 100% polyester material, it does not come off, ever. I imagine the same would go for cotton or blends. I have washed this shirt about 30-50 times and the silicone is still there in the same exact smudge it was when I mistakenly touched it! The shirt is still in perfect condition except for the silicone mark.</p>
<p>Exactly.....<br><br>I have a smug going on 6 years now on 100% cotton, still the same as the day I, oops...</p>
<p>silicone doe not dry up. It cures and is permanently flexible. Also it does not come off. It bonds to the material. In fact removing will tear the material.</p>
<p>This very pretty coool idea o making sand swim suit. If you are looking for swim suit in India try <strong>http://www.couponzguru.com/pretty-secrets/</strong></p>
<p>Looks like a fun project!! :)<br>You could try applying wax or dry soap on the stencil so the silicone doesn't stick to it. I use car wax whenever I need to make a silicone mold, but for home purposes, I bet soap should work just as good.</p>
<p>Just goes to show you sand will get everywhere!</p>
<p>How did you ever come up with this idea? This is pretty cool!</p>
<p>I have never seen anything like this before. wonderful idea.</p>
<p>What a great idea! This is really cool!</p>
<p>I like the bubble wrap design - I guess it makes one feel safe and protected in rough seas ;)</p>
<p>Nice Work!</p>
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<p>Actually you could have applied silicon to the inside of the crotch and bum area, and then stuck sand into the silicon...</p><p>It really gets that chafed between the butt cheeks feel.</p>
That's a awesome Ida
<p>Ok, good, the pic of the beach bum is not of you in a speedo...</p><p>The next step is to build up a thicker print so you make a giant press stamp out of your swimsuit to imprint the wet sand with something or roll wet against a wall to print a message.</p>
<p>Yes - minus points for the lack of crotch watching and voyerism...</p>
<p>It worked! Nicely done.</p>
<p>I love this idea! It's cool to see it in action on the beach!</p>

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