Picture of Sandblasted Oregon Low-Line Double Bed
I've been needing a bed for our spare room for a while now and it turns out anything I liked was waaaaayyy out of my budget. . I've seen a few sandblasted Oregon beds around that I like the look of and finally found one in a shop that was pretty close to what I was after, but at $4000AUS it was definitely too expensive. So I thought I'd make one.

All up I think it cost me ~$500-$600 so it's still not super cheap. I'm sure with some good scouting you could do it for a lot less with found timber.
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Step 1: Google Sketch-Up Modelling

Picture of Google Sketch-Up Modelling
I jumped on Google Sketch-up and mocked up a rough template for what I was after, and ended up with this.

You'll need to get this program if you want to really look at the model in depth. I've included the .SKP files so you can see exactly how it's been modeled. There are measurements for everything on the models and they are all drawn in the size they needed to be when built.

From the model I worked out that I would need:

(240 x 45 x 2480) x 4 - For the top and sides of each side
(240 x 45 x 1360) x 6 - For the bed head and the foot
(195 x 45 x 610) x 2 - For the sides of the bed head

Step 2: More in depth modelling

Picture of More in depth modelling
SU - overall foot under.jpg
SU - overall head over.jpg
SU - overall head under.jpg
I wanted the bed to sit a little off the ground just to make cleaning easier and thought I was a slightly better aesthetic than straight on the floor. You can see underneath where its raised for the shadow line which is 45mm deep (the depth of the Oregon) and 16mm high (the thickness of the MDF core)
I second the suggestion of storage space. Its very useful.

Also has this been finished since these pics have been taken? Add some pics if so!
TheShabz3 years ago
I think it would be pretty badass if the sides of the bed were turned into storage space. Put hinges across the top and cut them into sections. The sides could have 3 and the foot of the bed could have two. Would be interested to use existing storage units as the sides of the bed as well.
jonnyd553 years ago
Nice idea :) When i move house i will definitely make one, however, to save a massive amount of time im going to use new railway sleepers. I will also buy some bed slats to keep the mattress off the floor, this will allow ventilation etc...
rubbit (author)  jonnyd553 years ago
Hi Jonny,

Railway sleepers would definitely look great. If you look on step 3 I have included an extra runner of 16mm MDF that the slats sit on, so the mattress is only recessed about 30mm from the top line of the sides, which leaves enough space underneath to store things and keeps the mattress well ventilated...