I decided that I wanted to build a Thickness Sander so that I can sand boards that have been glued together for segmented wood turnings. When you have multiple species of wood at different angles, you can't run them through a planner anymore.

I found a set of plans at http://www.shigshop.com/thickness-sander.html for a thickness sander, bought them, and embarked on the task of building this project.

It is a lot of fun -- and a reasonable amount of work. Since I am making this at Tech Shop, I have all of the space and tools necessary to make the job easy.

So far, I have the sanding drum and four conveyor supports done. It has taken me about 20 hours to get this far.

Step 1: Cut out the MDF disks

The plans call for 38 5 1/2" MDF disks and 128 2 1/2" MDF disks.   

I made these on a CNC shopbot using vCarve Pro.  The MDF is 3/4" thick.

Click here to see the ShoBot do it's stuff:  http://youtu.be/Febtki81qE0
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Forgive my ignorance... you're making this sander to thickness sand wood for turning; why didn't you just turn the rollers from a hardwood instead of gluing them up from mdf disks?
&ldquo;When I was a boy of 14, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be 21, I was astonished at how much the old man had learned in seven years.&rdquo; ―<em><strong> Mark Twain</strong></em><br> <br> Lafnbear -- Good Question -- I was going to go that route until I realized that the drum and rollers are affixed to a 1&quot; and 3/4&quot; shaft respectively. &nbsp;The drum needs to turn at 1725 RPM. &nbsp;There is no way to glue the shaft to a 38&quot; hole that would have had to have been bored through solid wood.<br> <br> The MDF ( it could have been plywood too) is glued at every point along the set of MDF disks. &nbsp;There is also a great deal of friction holding each disk on to the shafts. &nbsp;It was very difficult to press a 3/4&quot; thick disk onto a shaft when I was ramming more than 2. &nbsp;More than five was a &quot;tactical error&quot; -- I actually had to cut some of them off and start again.<br> <br> I can't imagine how many tons of pressure I would have needed to get a tight fit if I had turned a 38&quot;+ length of wood. bored a hole, then added glue and tried to push a 1&quot; steel rod through it.<br> <br>

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