Sanding and Finishing


Introduction: Sanding and Finishing

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Hi. I will be teaching you how to finish and sand wood. I hope this tutorial helps you in your woodworking.

Step 1: Sanding

First, you will need these tools:

A pocketknife, preferably a leatherman wave

sanding paper/block


First, roughly sand the wood on all sides. Sand all bumps out, our scrape them out with the knife. Then, sand all sides again. Be sure to go upward over the sides in a rounded shape, making the edges smooth.

Step 2: Finishing

You will need:

A finishing pen

Paper bag

Dab the finish all over the wood, then rub in circles with the paper bag. Do this until the wood is fully covered.



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    Yep. Hate the fisheye, love the camera.

    Hey you should think about entering this into our "First Time Authors Challenge"

    Welcome to instructables! You did a very nice job explaining a key process in woodworking!