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If you have a 1/3 sheet or 1/4 sheet finish sander, then you know that pre-cut sheets of sandpaper can be purchased, but how many times have you cut your own from a full sheet? You probably cut it crooked with a utility knife, dulled your scissors, or tore the sheet.

Well not any more. Now you can easily cut perfectly straight 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 sheets every time.

Materials needed:

Scrap 3/4" plywood, particle board or MDF
(1) 10" hacksaw blade (longer blades can be used, but you will need to adjust the design to fit.)
(2) #6 x 3/4" round head wood screws

Tools needed:

Laser engraver/cutter (available at TechShop)

Step 1: Layout

Sketch a layout, such as the one shown in this step, to mark the proper sizes for the different size sheets, relative to the cutting edge of the saw blade.

To save yourself a step, you can also download our .DXF and CorelDRAW files at http://www.lime3D.net/instructables/sandpaper_cutter.zip

Not exactly rocket scientist, but an outstanding job! I will be making one for my shop. thanks for posting it! <br> Ken
I've dulled my share of utility blades.. I LIKE IT!!!! <br />Gonna have me one of these by tomorrow afternoon. <br />Thanx..FN
Pretty smart idea!!
Thanks. You could also skip most of the construction steps, and just screw a hacksaw blade to your workbench, and draw a few guidelines. But at least this version is portable.
Simple yet effective! Nice 'structable.

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