Picture of Sandpaper sheet cutter

I made it at TechShop

If you have a 1/3 sheet or 1/4 sheet finish sander, then you know that pre-cut sheets of sandpaper can be purchased, but how many times have you cut your own from a full sheet? You probably cut it crooked with a utility knife, dulled your scissors, or tore the sheet.

Well not any more. Now you can easily cut perfectly straight 1/4, 1/3 or 1/2 sheets every time.

Materials needed:

Scrap 3/4" plywood, particle board or MDF
(1) 10" hacksaw blade (longer blades can be used, but you will need to adjust the design to fit.)
(2) #6 x 3/4" round head wood screws

Tools needed:

Laser engraver/cutter (available at TechShop)

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Step 1: Layout

Picture of Layout

Sketch a layout, such as the one shown in this step, to mark the proper sizes for the different size sheets, relative to the cutting edge of the saw blade.

To save yourself a step, you can also download our .DXF and CorelDRAW files at

Step 2:

Picture of

Using the 60 watt Epilog laser at TechShop, etch the lines and text using the vector cutting settings.

Tip: Vector cutting material with settings that do not cut all the way through your material will result in razor sharp text and images.

Step 3: Finish woodwork

Picture of Finish woodwork

Using the outline created with the laser, cut out the board with the band saw (as shown in the photo) or the table saw.

Sand the edges and round off the corners with a sander, the flat areas (to remove any soot marks) with a finish sander, and drill pilot holes for the screws as shown.

Step 4: Attach the blade

Picture of Attach the blade

Fasten the hacksaw blade to the board with two #6 wood screws. To allow the sandpaper to slide under the blade, do not tighten the screws all the way down.

anasdad1 year ago
Not exactly rocket scientist, but an outstanding job! I will be making one for my shop. thanks for posting it!
FN642 years ago
I've dulled my share of utility blades.. I LIKE IT!!!!
Gonna have me one of these by tomorrow afternoon.
Pretty smart idea!!
lime3D (author)  coolbeansbaby682 years ago
Thanks. You could also skip most of the construction steps, and just screw a hacksaw blade to your workbench, and draw a few guidelines. But at least this version is portable.
Denger2 years ago
Simple yet effective! Nice 'structable.