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Hello, In this tutorial you will be learning how to make a sandwich hand puppet! This is a Super simple puppet to make, my favorite part is that there is NO SEWING involved! :) Here's some supplies you will need: 1/2" poly foam (white preferably) Dark pink fleece Light pink fleece Green fleece Red fleece Yellow fleece Contact cement Craft eyes (mine are from out of the box puppets.com) Foam board Brown spray paint Duct tape Lets get started!

Step 1: The Foam

Picture of The Foam
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So the first thing that needs to be done is we need to cut our foam into the shape of bread (see photo) once we cut our slices of bread out its time to use our brown spray paint and paint the foam on both sides. Let dry completely before proceeding.
anapet011 year ago
Where did u get the eyes
andruppets (author)  anapet011 year ago


andruppets (author)  anapet011 year ago

I get my eyes from Out of the Box Puppets on their website the eyes are titled, Monster Large- Black


anapet011 year ago
What how adorible
jagab19692 years ago
Love the puppet idea..can't wait to try it
macaroon2 years ago
That's amazing! It's so cute, i'm in love with this idea (:
poofrabbit2 years ago
This is adorable!
Godzilla892 years ago
this was a simple, well made puppet. instead of duck tape though, try a piece of felt glue to the cardboard. works for me :D
Tigermouse2 years ago
Most delicious-looking puppet of the contest for sure!
andruppets (author) 2 years ago
Hope these pictures help :)
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flyingpuppy2 years ago
Can you take a photo of how your hands fit in there? This is my favorite puppet!