This is an awesome toy that my third graders make in the wood shop at school. It is a wonderful activity for them to become adept  working with hand tools such as coping saws, hand saws, hand drills, and workbench grips. while producing a fun stacking toy that also doubles as a set of coasters!

Step 1: Supplies Needed

Hand saw, coping saw, ruler, hand drill, (Or a drill press if you have access to one) 24" of 3/4 x4" pine (pine is soft and easy to cut, poplar is cheaper and more accessible but very HARD and impossible to cut with a coping saw) wood glue, pencil, paint brushes, acrylic paint (variety of colors) 8" length of 3/4 wooden dowel, 6" wooden plaque (either round or oval, available in many arts & crafts shops for about 99 cents.) and polyurethane.
This is such a cute little toy! Nice idea!
Thank You very much!
almost make one need a diet belt!
mmm, this project makes me hungry!

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