Picture of Santa Claus cake made by panettone and fondant
I've made this Christmas cake for the christmas party at my son's nursery school.
Santa Claus is made by panettone (a traditional buttery, vanilla-flavoured Christmas bread-like cake of Milan, tall and rounded in shape) covered by sugar fondant, plastic chocolate, and cupcake frosting. Let's see how.

Step 1: Shape panettone.

Picture of Shape panettone.

First you must cut the right shape for you Santa. You need 1 and an half panettone.
Take the first and cut the upper crust, if you find it in your own panettone.
Then cut a head shaped piece of panettone from the second one, and put it over the first, stickin' it up with some jam (apricot or peach jam are the best, they don't leave any strange taste to the cake) and a straw (see the picture).

sharlzz2 years ago
canida5 years ago
This guy is so cute!  A work of art.  Beautiful job.
smav (author)  canida5 years ago
thanks a lot !!! I've spent 'only' 7 hardly worked hours in this cake ;)
canida smav5 years ago
Wow!  That's a labor of love.  I hope the kids at the nursery school appreciated all of your hard work.

This is also why I find working with fondant a bit intimidating. ;)
smav (author)  canida5 years ago
ahah...anyway was funny work :)
they loved the cake... imagine their little  sparkling eyes when I picked up the knife for cutting it!

I think that working with fondant makes me really satisfied..
and only practice leads to perfection!
Next Christmas I'll make again this cake, and I'm sure It will take me half the time.

Let's try it, maybe in a little version of it..you'll find funny! :)..

And thanks for all your compliments!