Introduction: Santa Clause Is Com'n to Town

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I love this. Sorry it is a little too late for the holidays

Step 1: Tools/ Polish

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You will need
Skin color, sheer pink or your nail color
Dark pink( for nose)
Top coat
Base coat / nail growth protein
Buffing block
Nail file
Dotting tool( tooth pick or end of make up brush
Timer clock ( optional)
Movie( optional)

Step 2: Condition

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Shape your nails file and clip

Then put on a base coat

Step 3: Santa's Face

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You will be using :
Big dotting tool
Small dotting tool
Dark pink
Light pink

Step 4: Santa's Face

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Paint your nail a shade of light pink

Take the red polish and paint a 4th of the way down the nail( see pic)

The using a big dotting tool or bobby pin dot white across the red to make the hat

Next using a small dotting tool dot side burns

Then again using the big one dot big dots on the tip of the nail making the beard

The with the small one dot two black eyes and a dark pink nose

Step 5: Santa's Hat

Picture of Santa's Hat

You will need :
And a big dotting tool

Free hand or use tape to create a triangle
Next use a big dotting tool dipped in to white and make the fringe and the Pom Pom ( see pic)

Step 6: Santa's Coat

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You will need :
Black ( striper or regular sized)
Silver striper

Paint the whole nail red.
Then use a white polish to create the fringe ( you can again use a dotting tool or a striper)

Then use black to create the belt
Then silver to create the belt buckle

Step 7: Santa's Boots

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You will need:
A black striper

Paint vertical rectangles then paint a rounded shoe the use white to add fringe

Step 8: Snow Flake

Picture of Snow Flake

White striper

Paint your nail red

The with a white striper paint a vertical and two diagonal lines
Next paint small diagonal lines on the big ones

My hand was shaky so it was not my best

Step 9: Wait

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Wait 3 minutes before putting on a topcoat

When time is up add a generous amount to each nail

Step 10: Please Enjoy

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Enjoy your manicure please comment if you want more winter nail art

Yes if you were wondering I did this on my own after a lot of practice


annabenson6 (author)2013-12-28

Good idea thanks mielameri

Mielameri (author)2013-12-28

So cute! Although it would be awesome to do each item sideways so that when your nails lined up, it looked like Santa standing :9

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