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Introduction: Fruit Bouquets' How to Make Santa Hat Strawberries

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    The perfect holiday snack for your next family gathering or office holiday party. These Santa Hat fruit arrangements by Julie Mulligan are sure to be a taste hit.

    What you need:

    • Strawberries
    • White melting chocolate
    • Coconut flakes
    • Mini marshmallows

    Author: Julie Mulligan.

    Step 1: Remove the Stem From the Strawberry

      • Don’t cut off the stem. Gently pull it away to preserve the shape of the berry.

      Step 2: Add White Chocolate

        • Dip the bottom end of the strawberry into your bowl of melted white chocolate. Make sure you cover about a quarter of the berry.

        Step 3: Add Your Coconut Flakes

          • Hold your dipped strawberry over the bowl of shredded coconut, then with a spoon drop, sprinkle your coconut flakes onto the chocolate.
          • Once the chocolate is covered, place the berry on a plate dipped side down.

          Step 4: Add the Marshmallow

            • Dip a mini marshmallow into the melted chocolate and the place on top of the berry.

            Step 5: Happy Holidays!

              • Now that you've completed your Santa Hats, enjoy these tasty treat with your favorite holiday beverage.

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              Great, easy and quick, will be making these treats for my daughters birthday at Christmas.

              1 reply

              I do not eat coconut; but my friends do!!! This is a lovely addition to the Christmas goodie boxes I create! Thank you for ths Instructable!

              Just an amazing job - well thought of, so cute and so easy. You're a genius! Merry Christmas .... maybe Santa would like these instead of cookies ;-)

              2 replies

              He will...if you make enough,that is.

              i was pretty sure he wasn't THAT fat. Oh wait wrong guy, your right.

              I have a good question though.. How do u hold these lol. It was a little messy when I held it lol

              1 reply

              hold it on the side and bottom at the same time like in the picture(you may need to click the picture for clarity)


              Cute and quick! Thanks! Also, just a thought-- if you are (like me) allergic to coconut, you could replace the coconut flakes with a good Divinity recipe.

              Just to let you know "a strawberry IS NOT A BERRY"... But a banana is!
              Oh and love these!! Definitely going to make some

              These look really good, I am going to try them for Christmas get-together.

              These look really good, I am going to try them for Christmas get-together.

              celebration will be wonderful, thank you)

              Squeal! The perfect treat to bring to the staff Christmas party! Seriously, these are just adorable. :)

              Wow this is so cute! I would have never thought of this! Thanks so much I love cooking and crafting with food sometimes. I made it and it turned out really good thx

              I never knew that strawberrys resemble santa hats till today.

              1 reply

              Appreciate the kind words. We are definitely looking to make similar presentations in the future.