Step 5: Suggestions

link/elf hat:
make it out of green duct tape, and dont add a ball.
true santa hat:
add a rim (not in the instructions) of white duct tape
make the cone out of red duct tape, and make the ball out of white duct tape.
elf hat type 2:
see santa hat, but use green instead of red.
true DUCT TAPE santa hat:
make it all out of silver duct tape, not chrome, silver, and yellow, which is what I used.

need the hat to be bigger?
extend the bottom part by adding some more duct tape to the bottom.
<p>Make it Link`s with green tape</p>
i think santas changed a bit this year
hey how would you make it smaller if we do not have extremely large hair styles like your's<br /> <br /> always adding my 2 cents into everything<br /> <br /> ^_^
dude. you are my hero.<br />
Merry Ghostmas!<br /> <br /> L<br />
Let's see it <em>on!</em><br />
it does fit, i'll assure you.
Never mind assurances, we demand evidence!<br /> <br /> ;-)<br />
I got a new front picture up. it shows something to represent a human wearing it.
LOL, that's brilliant!<br />

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