Sapphire Wash Trommel and Gravel Seperator





Introduction: Sapphire Wash Trommel and Gravel Seperator

Long name for something the just cuts out the hand screening and washing.  Unlike the reverse helix trommel and water pulse concentrator instructables I have on here, this one is still a work in progress.  The stripped gear motor that was plaguing the unit last year has been upgraded and strengthened.  At the end of the 2013 Sapphire season I should be able to show the beast as either a win or a failure.  The idea is to wash and power screen the material right from the ground saving the steps of hand screening and hand washing before going into the water pulse concentrator.  Also there is a deposit on the claim where we were told stones are in a mixture of peat, somthing that simply can not be hand screened with out lots of water and making a mess down stream.



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The one thing I would be worried about is all that water that is dropping out of the hopper might carry super fine gold. I would hope you put a small saloose box under that just for good meager

You i shall vote for because this is a great gold mining project and i havent seen any gold mining stuff on here i hope you win