Sarah's Homemade Haunted House 1





Introduction: Sarah's Homemade Haunted House 1

This costume was created from a simple brown box picked up at a grocery store.  We used black cardboard, felt material, glittered adhesive panels, pipe cleaners, various stickers and appliques, and glow-in-the-dark paint.  We used hot glue to assemble things onto the box, velcro to make adjustable straps and to smooth out rough edges of the cardboard box.  Then, we finished off by applying black paint and roofing finish.  The roof was attached to a flap of the box so it hung over Sarah's head, but wasn't attached to her head like a hat, since she doesn't tolerate hats. 



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    That's adorable !

    This turned out to be a family project that was very fun and rewarding. Sarah, who will be 3 years old soon, insisted she wanted to be a "House Halloween", as she called it, for Halloween this year. We asked her repeatedly if she was sure of this and even made other easier costume suggestions. But, she was consistent and persistent. In the end, she was very pleased with her Haunted House costume and received dozens of compliments on it. We feared she may not tolerate wearing it very long, but to our surprise she wore it the entire evening, with only a short break to play in an inflatables jumping place.