Step 22: Honey, There's a Sarlacc in My Bed!

I put it where he could find it, and as soon as he walked in the door he saw it!  From afar, he had no idea what it was, I think, but close up, he said, "You made me a sarlacc?"

I think, he thought that the box was his gift, he didn't know there was stuff in it too!

I told him to open it and he really liked his cup!  He texted me the other day and told me that he was using it to drink a slurpee out of and the slurpee was still nice and cold.  He is still working on the candy, and little cakes!

I thought this was a great and original idea on how to wrap a Valentine's Day gift for the Star Wars enthusiast, and it is part of the gift as well!

You are amazing. I would be so impressed if I got this for Valentine's Day. I would be over the moon(s). I'd get a Tattooine of your name on my arm. I'd not stop Tarkin about you to everyone. <br><br>But I bet if you were my girlfriend you'd be too good to be true and I'd end up finding out after we'd started dating that you were actually my long-lost sister : (
lol lol that cracked me up laughing
<p>I'm not very crafty but you made it seem easy! Thanks a lot!</p>
This is cool but would have been SOOO much more awesome if you would have glued on some sand! you can make a good paste with sand and elmers glue and it stick fairly well although it's best to coat it all in acrylic clear afterwards to hold all the bits down. <br> <br>Really awesome idea and great craftsmanship!
Awesome! I mainly just wanted to find out what clay you used and then I realized: OMG its an amazing sarlacc-thingo!
So gross!!! I love it!!!
Nothing says Valentine's like 1000 year digestion.
That is so wrong on many levels! Wish I had thought of it!
This is amazing and I will be trying it.

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