Step 22: Honey, there's a sarlacc in my bed!

Picture of Honey, there's a sarlacc in my bed!
I put it where he could find it, and as soon as he walked in the door he saw it!  From afar, he had no idea what it was, I think, but close up, he said, "You made me a sarlacc?"

I think, he thought that the box was his gift, he didn't know there was stuff in it too!

I told him to open it and he really liked his cup!  He texted me the other day and told me that he was using it to drink a slurpee out of and the slurpee was still nice and cold.  He is still working on the candy, and little cakes!

I thought this was a great and original idea on how to wrap a Valentine's Day gift for the Star Wars enthusiast, and it is part of the gift as well!

groundupart3 years ago
This is cool but would have been SOOO much more awesome if you would have glued on some sand! you can make a good paste with sand and elmers glue and it stick fairly well although it's best to coat it all in acrylic clear afterwards to hold all the bits down.

Really awesome idea and great craftsmanship!
feistydonut3 years ago
This is amazing and I will be trying it.