Sasha,s Long Rainge Hot Air Balloon





Introduction: Sasha,s Long Rainge Hot Air Balloon

this instucterble is based on ewilhelms most exelent instructerble with a few added benifits.
recomend you do not release it with in the flight path of your local air port coz this baby goes realy high.
and in the right conditions wont come down till the sun is down as once the fuel has gone the sun seems to heat the black plastic enuff to keep it up.

Step 1: Bits N Peaces U Need

beg borrow or steal two of the largest, thinest (crinkly noisey stuff) bin liners you can get, thick plastik may be to heavy.
cut the bottom from one befor compleatly unfolding for straitest cut and tape them together with light packing tape to create the envolope of ballon.
with strips of balsa wood make a large capital letter I shape to fit tightly in mouth of envolope, use pins to hold in place while you adjust for tight fit, remove and glue.
should be an aproxamate sqaure.
put a long needle threw middel of balsa frame with alumium foilglued in place to prevent fire .
couple bits of tape at each corner is enuff to hold envolope in place.

Step 2: More Stuff

get come old cans remove tops n bottoms and tape in a row to make a tin pipe (unless u have a tin pipe) and another tin with bottom intact but bang a few holes in sides near bottom throw in about 3 fire starter blocks and ignite.
hold tin pipe above burning can as if to close it sucks air threw fuel and burns to hot and acts like a big blow torch.
wrap some thing around pipe to protect hands pipe gets bit hot.
use pipe to direct heat into envolope to save fuel for flight.
then i stick a row of 4 fire lighters on needle and ignite about half way down while still heating with pipe.

Step 3: Release Time!

the fire lighters should be well alight befor release.
the one in this pic showed no sighns of coming back down, may be the sun heated the plastic after fuel was gone and it just kept going so we were unable to recover it.
if your chasing in a car make shore the driver drives and some one else is the spotter.

Step 4: Last Seen Heading for Australia

it was a perfectly still day but it went so high it reached a slip stream and took off at a very fast rate.
have fun!



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    This caught my eye as I was a volunteer crewman for a hot air balloon company last year, but upon reading it, I have several SERIOUS problems with it: 1 - Clearly, no proofreading was done on the text. 2 - Sending several square meters of plastic into the air to come-down "who-knows-where" is a good example of environmental negligence. 3 - The potential liability of using firelighters on an uncontrolled platform makes there use irresponsible. It's so easy to cause a grass, brush, or forest fire which can kill people, destroy property, a produce huge environmental damage.

    I have to agree with safety issues addressed in this post....consider tethering the balloon and use the opportunity to teach safety AND Leave No Trace practices to your buddies and the kids with you. (Fire extinguishers were where?) Glad you shared your experiment and methods. Look like you had a great time and hopefully you will take these well intended suggestions as ways to make your next ballooning jaunt safer AND more enjoyable for all.

    INSTRUCTABLES it's written all over the place on the site !

    good instructable, but take the time to CHECK YOUR SPELLING

    Download Firefox and it spellchecks as you go along. Great stuff for dummies like me.

    Firefox ROCKS!!!!! 

    Let's start the chant.....   Firefox!,Firefox!,Firefox!,Firefox!,Firefox!,Firefox!......

    yupp; thats what I got :]

    how could you set up a small, lightweight GPS system? One that either records coordinates and can be plugged int o a computer, or some sort of lng range wireless streaming. I smell an instructable......

    nice. what you could do to be able to pull it down or not loose track of it is attach a fishing pole or kite string to it, so when you want to pull it down you can.