Picture of Satan R1 shock adapter for Fz8 How to
So I love my Fz8 so much but despise the stock rear suspension. It constantly wants to buck me off the bike whenever I hit a small bump. The stock suspension only has preload adjustability and nothing else. So I was looking for a solution and found a person known as Satan 666 that specializes in producing shock adapters for Fz1 and Fz8 utilizing a stock R1 shock. A friend of mine hooked me up with an 06' R1 shock. After receiving it, I went ahead and took the spring off so that I can start powder coating it. I used hot yellow for the color. Oh btw, all this was possible because all the tools and space that I needed to complete the project was at Techshop. 

Also, Special thx to my friends at FZ8 forum for their guidance with this instructable and thank you Mike D for helping me with this project. 
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Step 1: Getting ready

Picture of Getting ready
First things first, lets put her on a rear stand. 

Then we take off the two side coverings under the seat. After that we remove the rider's seat so that we can get to the battery and voltage regulator and tray. Lets remove the battery then we can unbolt the voltage regulator from the tray.