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Introduction: Sauron Armour Cosplay!

About: Hey there! My name is Nathan and I made an account on instructables to show you how to go about making armour/weapon props from foam and other materials. :)

Here are a few snaps of my Sauron Cosplay i made from scratch!

The photo which shows blue foam shows where i had to start from :P

I made all the templates myself from looking at reference pictures!

Step 1: McM London Comic Con

These are the only pictures i have of the suit completed :P

Really enjoyed comic con! Me and my friend (Witch King) couldn't move 5 feet without having to have a picture with someone :P

Hope you like Sauron!

For more pictures, visit my Facebook page:

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Thanks! =]




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Where are materials and steps? But anyway still Awesome

Where are the templates and steps to making this? I would love to make this but I don't see the steps and/or templates.

Also, how much do the supplies cost and how long did it take? And what did you use to make it out of?

Very nice! That shot of Sauron in the bathroom taking a selfie is hilarious.

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