Picture of Sausage Roll

I love how we can make a wide variety of rolls simply with the pita bread using different fillings.Well, here's one I tried with the sausages. Its simple and easy to make but very tasty. If your starving and too lazy to make something fancy, try the "Sausage Roll".

Step 1: Ingredients

Picture of Ingredients
Pita bread
sausages/i prefer chicken
Caesar Salad dressing/ it adds its own touch
Black pepper/optional
Capsicum-green pepper

Note that I use Caesar Salad dressing on the pita bread. Now I know its for Salads but it has this distinct flavour that I love to add to just about anything I eat. black pepper is another one of those things I love sprinkling on top.

tinker_lady3 years ago
Very nice sausage roll ... Ceaser Salad Dressing was excellent.