Sausage and Mash Cupcakes

Picture of Sausage and Mash Cupcakes
Ever wanted to eat cupcakes for dinner, but felt too grown up for that much sugar?

These sausage and mash cupcakes should solve the problem...
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Step 1: Prepare your cakes

Picture of Prepare your cakes
You could just buy sausagemeat from the supermarket, but I didn't have any in, so I destroyed some sausages I had in the fridge. 

Take a sharp knife, and slice the skin up the side of each sausage. Then you can peel them open and get the sweet sweet meat out of the insides. 

As a bonus, you get a pile of skins which you can use to totally gross out your housemates. 

Press the meat into silicone cupcake cases (roughly one sausage worth per case), and use your thumb to push a hole in the top of each one. 
Bake at 180C/350F for 15 minutes or until cooked through. Food hygiene FTW! 

They'll shrink a bit, but don't worry. And you'll need to turn each one upside down over the sink for a minute to pour out the gross sausage oil. Sorry. 

Step 2: Filling

Picture of Filling
Cupcakes are NOTHING without an exciting filling. NOTHING. 
To create this, fry up some chopped red onions in a little oil for a few minutes on a low-medium heat. When they are soft, splash in a third of a cup of red wine (if you like, you can leave it out) and turn the heat up to boil off the alcohol. Then add a half cup of water and enough gravy powder (I used Bisto granules) to thicken it up. 

Spoon into the holes in the top of your sausagecakes.
shimmerg1 year ago
Delicious i jus made these & they were ah mazing
cdnskmom3 years ago
Great post, my kids will love these!
Code-Boom3 years ago
these look amazing bottom line
Biggsy4 years ago
Very Heston Blumenthal welldone I love the idea!

One of my coveted High Fives for you :D on such an awesome idea
roboticpink (author)  Biggsy4 years ago
Wow, I feel honoured... thanks :)
lol not a problem
Yeeeeeeessssss. I want to make these.
mikeasaurus4 years ago
haha, great twist on bangers and mash (with peas)!
Danielfish4 years ago
These are amazing. I am definitely going to make these. Thank you.