Here is a ultra easy and mega forgiving recipe that anyone with or with out opposable thumbs can make.  This hearty meal was taught to me by an old man I used to work with, he made it just like this but some times added chicken breast to it as well.

Step 1: Here Is What You Will Need

Brautwurst- I usually make 2 links per person, but we grow big down here so you may not need that much, you know what they say "everything is bigger in Texas." Well mostly our belts. Any white sausage will do as long as its not overly strong tasting.
onion- chunks
sweet potato-cubed
red skin potatoes- also cubed
yellow fleshed potatoes- cubed again. (the math side of me finds that ironic) I think I used yukon gold potatoes, boy were they lost.
olive oil
chicken fajita seasoning- this is the only thing to be a stickler on for this recipe
chicken base

This looks fantastic! How long do you normally let it cook for?
I am not quite sure how long i cook it for, i know start to finish is about an hour. Thats from onion in the bag till eating. I know that in the crockpot i normally cook it untill the potatoes are tender so about 3-4 hours. Hope that helps. Thanks for looking at my instructable
Bangers and mash, can't beat it! Now if only you had a pint of Fuller's to go with it.
Meat and potatoes - add a nice dark beer and you have the ultimate Man's Meal!<br>Gonna have to try this.
look very deLiciOus...

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