Sausage, peppers, onions and tomato sauce w/pasta

Picture of Sausage, peppers, onions and tomato sauce w/pasta
I intended to do an instructable on a sausage sandwich but as it got time to eat, company arrived, so I cooked up some pasta and made a mini "ible" inside the main one., Pretty much everything is the same except in the end I sliced up the sausage and served it with pasta instead of in a roll
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Step 2: Chop and drop

Slice the pepper and onion into strips and drop into the crockpot, add the spices of your choice ( sorry I don't measure) dump in the tomato sauce of your choice and turn the crockpot up to high.
 I used a  pic from another "ible" for the peppers and onions so just ignore the jalapenos

Step 3: Sizzle and pop

Get a frying pan nice and hot and lay down the sausage, we're not going to completely cook them, just get a nice brown on the outside

Step 4: Ready, set, WAIT

put the now nicely browned sausage links in the crockpot, reduce the heat to low and let it cook, and cook, and cook without a lid. Stir the mix occasionally and as the sauce reduces scrape down the sides. DON'T throw the scrappings away!! There's a ton of flavor in the concentration, just add it back to the sauce !
 I let it cook about 14hours with a break in the refrigerator while I slept (Im ex fire/rescue so I don't leave anything on when I go to bed)
 I was intending to have sausage sandwichs but my daughter and son in law showed up at dinner time so I cooked up some pasta to make it stretch