Save $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing pen

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transform a $3 pen into a $200 pen in just seconds. Mont Blanc pens are the worlds finest writing pens but they make specialized refills so you must buy their $200+ pens to use their amazing ink...until now. This is the easiest hack/adaptation to give anyone the king's writing ink.
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Step 1:

Go out and find a Mont Blanc pen you like. Ask the salesperson to let you write with it...nice, huh? Now ask the price. When you've gotten over the sticker-shock, leave and go back to your good old G2. Remember what life was like before G2? The pens were cheap and the ink was like cheese. G2s were the best thing since clickable mechanical pencils. Even after we all had G2s, I still admired the uber-extravagant Mont Blanc people. Their pens were so smooth, they nearly wrote by themselves. Alas, at $200-$2000 a pen, that miraculous ink was out of the reach of the common man.....until now.

Step 2: Buy, don't shoplift.

Picture of Buy, don't shoplift.
Purchase the brand new G2 Pro and Mont Blanc Rollerball refills from your local office supply store. Cost: G2 Pro=$3, double Mont Blanc refil=$12

Step 3: Consider the Lillies.

Think about your life...are you pretentious? If you are, buy a standard retractable G2, so you can see the Mont Blanc brand name through the semi-opaque handle. If you are not, congratulations, you live for function and not form.

Step 4: Disassemble pen.

Picture of Disassemble pen.
If you need help here, ask a 5 year old.

Step 5: If you don't have a 5 year old, make one.

(this step may take a while)

Step 6: One of these is not like the other.

Picture of One of these is not like the other.
Laying inks side by side, notice the similarities...hmmm...notice the difference? You're right. The Mont Blanc has about 1/8 inch of extra plastic on the end.

Step 7: I hope you spent more time noticing the similarities than the differences because we all have a lot more in common than different, even though we aren't all pens....

Step 8: Dial 911

(Due to the violent nature of this step, we have not included a picture) Using any sharp implement (scissors, knife, axe, etc) cut the refil to be the same length as the original ink. (please use adult supervision)

Step 9: Compare again

Picture of Compare again
When you are done with step 8, it should look like this.
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Dacp2833 days ago

Beachteh, since you obviously think of yourself as some high class success story who absolutely must portray wealth not only to your clients but to us I will call you out on just how utterly stupid your comment is. I guarantee if you put your Mont Blanc next to one of the pens I make your "clients" will be inclined to mention the pen. Where as yours, well it's an over priced piece of plastic my friend. You don't own a 25k hand made gold and diamond Mont Blanc you own a "I got robbed because I paid $500.00 for a pen made exactly the same way as a bic pen". So congrats at looking like a fool. If you doubt me feel free to do some internet research on the materials used in the production run Mont Blanc pens. If I was your client and you tried to be a show off with that expensive junk I'd immediately think you lacked any financial sense and take my hard earned wealth elsewhere. Oh by the way, I had this exact conversation with a coworker, right before her Mont Blanc shattered. Now it's held together with tape. As for the poster of this ible, well done I found it entertaining.

This is interesting. I have a large jar full of all kinds of bic pens and every other kind of cheap pen like what you get as promotional items. I am curious, does the $200 pen do anything special, like write with some special ink used in signing valuable documents to prevent forgery, or is it just something nice to own, like a really top of the line tennis racket?

I know it's a long time since you asked this question, but I can answer it for you. often the higher end pens like the mont blanc are better balanced, i have used a mid range MB worth about 500$ and found it very comfortable and smooth to write with. a lot of the high end pen companies also have their own special ink formulations with different properties(more water resistant, less bleed, acid free for archival, quick drying, etc) and pen geeks tend to develop their own preferences. once you go further and get into fountain pens, things start to get really crazy. different metals for the nibs, line thicknesses, nib geometry, type of ink reservoir, not to mention the many materials you can find pens made of.

but the biggest factor in why people buy these premium, expensive pens, is because it's a status symbol, like brand name clothes or fancy cars. they might have special properties that make some people genuinely prefer them, but mostly it's an object that says "hey, i'm successful, I have money, I carry a thousand dollar pen to sign documents with". I don't own any myself, but I date a collector who has a knack for getting them cheap and who genuinely prefers the feel of certain high end pens, and as a result I've gotten to try some myself. they're nice, but not my bag

bizsai1 month ago

Na its not what i was thinking :) But still good.

BeachTech1 month ago

You are completely missing the point of a Mont Blanc. I have a REAL one right here in my dress shirt pocket (Starwalker Midnight Black). The point is, when I ask someone to sign a contract that involves them paying me A LOT of money, I pull out my Mont Blanc pen, put it on the contract, and push it across the table toward them. Even when it is in my shirt pocket and you can see the snow capped mountain on the top of the pen (their logo), it shows class, style, professionalism, success, etc.

Mont Blanc is not the best ink out there (unless you go with the water-based inks, and that will dry up in anything but a capped ink pen.) If you want a good pen that writes GREAT, get a Uni Bal Vision Elite (about $3) from any store. That is the best writing pen I have ever used that is under $500.

SparkySolar5 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar5 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar5 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar7 months ago

love it

Kevanf110 months ago

Hmm, this did not work on my 1910 Mabie Todd fountain pen :(


kalioto made it!11 months ago

Worked great and it really does write like a dream! I sanded off the end of then plastic nub in 2 minutes.

2014-04-28 15.37.14.jpg

Very easy hack! I used sand paper to adjust the length of the Mont Blanc refill.

It works beautifully!

fooblack1 year ago

In step 8, couldn't you just swap the plastic end caps instead of cutting off the end of the montblanc one?

Lilymars1 year ago


"Instructive & amusing". But... I have a problem here.. Step 5 (make 5 year old), followed by Step 8 (Adult supervision).

Which step do you advise first? Surely Step 8 should be followed by Step 5 ??



Great idea!!!
I tried this out today and it works very well, even better than my G2!
Keep up the good work!
eanciano1 year ago
Not sure why anybody would want to use this hack. The Pilot G2 refills are gel refills, which write better than any Ballpoint pen, be they Parker, Cross, Pelikan, Waterman or Montblanc.

The reason you get a 'ontblanc is for the prestige and nice pen body, not the ink inside. Getti just the refills is a waste of time in my opinion. N fact, I've done the complete opposite of this instruct able: I've gotten more expensive pen bodies like Parker's, and bought cheap $1 pens and used their gel ink refills to put into the Nicer metal pen bodies.

Try it!
j0lt eanciano1 year ago
This man speaks the truth ! I've tried tried hundreds of different pens during my university studies until i found the one i truly liked. Pilot G2 pens are the best in my opinion. I honestly can't write comfortably with any other kind of pen and i did exactly was eanciano says. I took a Jotter Parker body (~$10 for the pen) and modified the G2 refills to fit inside.
I am afraid I'd have to agree with eanciano. I was thinking the exact opposite of what the instructions stated. No one cares about G2 pens, and furthermore Gel pens write well. Get the best of both worlds, buy a nice pen that people will admire and will feel nice in your hands, and use cheap but smooth writing ink from G2. Costlier solution, but at least it has a tangible purpose.
Great idea!!!
I tried this out today and it works very well, even better than my G2!
Keep up the good work!
maximzodal1 year ago
Just be aware Mont Blanc ink dries much faster/easier than other pens. Mont Blanc pens cover the tip with the cover cap instead of retracting, so the ink doesn't dry. I've ruined two of these modifications when I misplaced the pens for several months. Yeah, that's why I don't spend bucu bucks for pens! Now, if anyone has suggestions on how to revive a Mont Blanc refill?
Chloe81 year ago
wow, I have to try it!
I tried this today. It worked out great.
I now have 2 G2s with Mont Blanc inserts :)

The only difference was that I used coarse sandpaper to shorten the back end of the Mont Blanc insert vs an x-knife.

Thanks for the great article & instructions!
Dustycookie2 years ago
What's a G2?
Dustycookie2 years ago
Or just talk to SimSimi. He makes as much sense as a 5-year-old.
Dustycookie2 years ago
Or just talk to SimSimi. He makes as much sense as a 5-year-old.
Matt4282 years ago
this is suite!!!! I gotta try it. it has to save a lot of money!
Thanks for the insights! I used this to mod a Bic Velocity1.6 to use the Mont Blanc ball point by using a bit of the original pen's ink barrel as the spacer - it was a little trial and error to get the retraction mechanism to function but it just required nibbling away at the length of the spacer used...tried to use the blue "cap" the MB cartridge came with and it did not fit. I had cut it to the total length of the original ink barrel. That provided me with a starting length for cutting the end off the original barrel - note: the ink is filled to almost the end of the barrel...expect a mess. Thanks for the fun!
wombat_boy2 years ago
Cool! I have to try it!
WillyTheKid2 years ago
Don't mix up your buffer spring with the pen spring. Big problems..
You could actually use the original ink and make this pen when it runs out.... Just a thought...(Figured it might be obvious though.)
Outside of this vocabulary lesson here, the pen is cool. This is awesome :)
mperdue2 years ago
This worked awesome. I used the regular G2 body since it was my previous go to pen and I had a lot of them laying around. Great for anyone who does a lot of writing like I do. Great instructable.
WriterChick2 years ago
Oh, this is great. Just superb. This snarks alone are worth the price of admission; in fact, considering the initial outlay and the result, about 50X the price of admission!
helava7 years ago
If you lack a knife, it's trivial to grind down the back of this on the sidewalk.
helava helava3 years ago
Weird thing is that after trying this several times, I've decided that I actually like the G2 Pro gel refills *better* than the Mont Blanc refills. They're easier to write with, and I like the way the end result looks more, *and* they feel better to me. And are cheaper!
And if your really desperate, use someones teeth, (they don't always have to be yours) And chew it off.
Plo Koon3 years ago
At the sight of the knife, the pen screamed," AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH! NO! NO! PLEASE, NO!!"
But alas, its cries and pleas for mercy did not soften the Instrucableist's cruel, stone heart.
As the knife sawed through the defenseless pen, horrible screams of pain pierced and rent the air, and yet the brutal Instructableist was deaf to them.
Put It to the grinder, slowly..!
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