Save $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing pen

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transform a $3 pen into a $200 pen in just seconds. Mont Blanc pens are the worlds finest writing pens but they make specialized refills so you must buy their $200+ pens to use their amazing ink...until now. This is the easiest hack/adaptation to give anyone the king's writing ink.
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Step 1:

Go out and find a Mont Blanc pen you like. Ask the salesperson to let you write with it...nice, huh? Now ask the price. When you've gotten over the sticker-shock, leave and go back to your good old G2. Remember what life was like before G2? The pens were cheap and the ink was like cheese. G2s were the best thing since clickable mechanical pencils. Even after we all had G2s, I still admired the uber-extravagant Mont Blanc people. Their pens were so smooth, they nearly wrote by themselves. Alas, at $200-$2000 a pen, that miraculous ink was out of the reach of the common man.....until now.

Step 2: Buy, don't shoplift.

Purchase the brand new G2 Pro and Mont Blanc Rollerball refills from your local office supply store. Cost: G2 Pro=$3, double Mont Blanc refil=$12

Step 3: Consider the Lillies.

Think about your life...are you pretentious? If you are, buy a standard retractable G2, so you can see the Mont Blanc brand name through the semi-opaque handle. If you are not, congratulations, you live for function and not form.

Step 4: Disassemble pen.

If you need help here, ask a 5 year old.

Step 5: If you don't have a 5 year old, make one.

(this step may take a while)

Step 6: One of these is not like the other.

Laying inks side by side, notice the similarities...hmmm...notice the difference? You're right. The Mont Blanc has about 1/8 inch of extra plastic on the end.

Step 7: I hope you spent more time noticing the similarities than the differences because we all have a lot more in common than different, even though we aren't all pens....

Step 8: Dial 911

(Due to the violent nature of this step, we have not included a picture) Using any sharp implement (scissors, knife, axe, etc) cut the refil to be the same length as the original ink. (please use adult supervision)

Step 9: Compare again

When you are done with step 8, it should look like this.
BeachTech17 hours ago

You are completely missing the point of a Mont Blanc. I have a REAL one right here in my dress shirt pocket (Starwalker Midnight Black). The point is, when I ask someone to sign a contract that involves them paying me A LOT of money, I pull out my Mont Blanc pen, put it on the contract, and push it across the table toward them. Even when it is in my shirt pocket and you can see the snow capped mountain on the top of the pen (their logo), it shows class, style, professionalism, success, etc.

Mont Blanc is not the best ink out there (unless you go with the water-based inks, and that will dry up in anything but a capped ink pen.) If you want a good pen that writes GREAT, get a Uni Bal Vision Elite (about $3) from any store. That is the best writing pen I have ever used that is under $500.

SparkySolar3 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar3 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar3 months ago

I only use your tip Love the pen


SparkySolar5 months ago

love it

Kevanf18 months ago

Hmm, this did not work on my 1910 Mabie Todd fountain pen :(


kalioto made it!9 months ago

Worked great and it really does write like a dream! I sanded off the end of then plastic nub in 2 minutes.

2014-04-28 15.37.14.jpg

Very easy hack! I used sand paper to adjust the length of the Mont Blanc refill.

It works beautifully!

fooblack10 months ago

In step 8, couldn't you just swap the plastic end caps instead of cutting off the end of the montblanc one?

Lilymars1 year ago


"Instructive & amusing". But... I have a problem here.. Step 5 (make 5 year old), followed by Step 8 (Adult supervision).

Which step do you advise first? Surely Step 8 should be followed by Step 5 ??



Great idea!!!
I tried this out today and it works very well, even better than my G2!
Keep up the good work!
eanciano1 year ago
Not sure why anybody would want to use this hack. The Pilot G2 refills are gel refills, which write better than any Ballpoint pen, be they Parker, Cross, Pelikan, Waterman or Montblanc.

The reason you get a 'ontblanc is for the prestige and nice pen body, not the ink inside. Getti just the refills is a waste of time in my opinion. N fact, I've done the complete opposite of this instruct able: I've gotten more expensive pen bodies like Parker's, and bought cheap $1 pens and used their gel ink refills to put into the Nicer metal pen bodies.

Try it!
j0lt eanciano1 year ago
This man speaks the truth ! I've tried tried hundreds of different pens during my university studies until i found the one i truly liked. Pilot G2 pens are the best in my opinion. I honestly can't write comfortably with any other kind of pen and i did exactly was eanciano says. I took a Jotter Parker body (~$10 for the pen) and modified the G2 refills to fit inside.
I am afraid I'd have to agree with eanciano. I was thinking the exact opposite of what the instructions stated. No one cares about G2 pens, and furthermore Gel pens write well. Get the best of both worlds, buy a nice pen that people will admire and will feel nice in your hands, and use cheap but smooth writing ink from G2. Costlier solution, but at least it has a tangible purpose.
This is interesting. I have a large jar full of all kinds of bic pens and every other kind of cheap pen like what you get as promotional items. I am curious, does the $200 pen do anything special, like write with some special ink used in signing valuable documents to prevent forgery, or is it just something nice to own, like a really top of the line tennis racket?
Great idea!!!
I tried this out today and it works very well, even better than my G2!
Keep up the good work!
maximzodal1 year ago
Just be aware Mont Blanc ink dries much faster/easier than other pens. Mont Blanc pens cover the tip with the cover cap instead of retracting, so the ink doesn't dry. I've ruined two of these modifications when I misplaced the pens for several months. Yeah, that's why I don't spend bucu bucks for pens! Now, if anyone has suggestions on how to revive a Mont Blanc refill?
Chloe81 year ago
wow, I have to try it!
I tried this today. It worked out great.
I now have 2 G2s with Mont Blanc inserts :)

The only difference was that I used coarse sandpaper to shorten the back end of the Mont Blanc insert vs an x-knife.

Thanks for the great article & instructions!
What's a G2?
Or just talk to SimSimi. He makes as much sense as a 5-year-old.
Or just talk to SimSimi. He makes as much sense as a 5-year-old.
Matt4281 year ago
this is suite!!!! I gotta try it. it has to save a lot of money!
Thanks for the insights! I used this to mod a Bic Velocity1.6 to use the Mont Blanc ball point by using a bit of the original pen's ink barrel as the spacer - it was a little trial and error to get the retraction mechanism to function but it just required nibbling away at the length of the spacer used...tried to use the blue "cap" the MB cartridge came with and it did not fit. I had cut it to the total length of the original ink barrel. That provided me with a starting length for cutting the end off the original barrel - note: the ink is filled to almost the end of the barrel...expect a mess. Thanks for the fun!
wombat_boy2 years ago
Cool! I have to try it!
WillyTheKid2 years ago
Don't mix up your buffer spring with the pen spring. Big problems..
You could actually use the original ink and make this pen when it runs out.... Just a thought...(Figured it might be obvious though.)
Outside of this vocabulary lesson here, the pen is cool. This is awesome :)
mperdue2 years ago
This worked awesome. I used the regular G2 body since it was my previous go to pen and I had a lot of them laying around. Great for anyone who does a lot of writing like I do. Great instructable.
WriterChick2 years ago
Oh, this is great. Just superb. This snarks alone are worth the price of admission; in fact, considering the initial outlay and the result, about 50X the price of admission!
helava7 years ago
If you lack a knife, it's trivial to grind down the back of this on the sidewalk.
helava helava3 years ago
Weird thing is that after trying this several times, I've decided that I actually like the G2 Pro gel refills *better* than the Mont Blanc refills. They're easier to write with, and I like the way the end result looks more, *and* they feel better to me. And are cheaper!
And if your really desperate, use someones teeth, (they don't always have to be yours) And chew it off.
Plo Koon3 years ago
At the sight of the knife, the pen screamed," AAAAAAAAAAAAGGGHHH! NO! NO! PLEASE, NO!!"
But alas, its cries and pleas for mercy did not soften the Instrucableist's cruel, stone heart.
As the knife sawed through the defenseless pen, horrible screams of pain pierced and rent the air, and yet the brutal Instructableist was deaf to them.
Put It to the grinder, slowly..!
Thank you.
Yay now lets start sawing pencils for the sound it makes... MWHAHAHAHA
Izokay6 years ago
Can anyone help me with this step?
My thumbs are busted.!
lobo_pal Izokay6 years ago
Just don't start asking around a playground, you get in trouble.
ya people might think ur MJ or someone like that\
Hey reaspect for the dead
if you look when it was posted it was posted last year
Ha, fail.
Hey MJ will never grow up, he's Peter Pan. He lives in never land with a lot of young boys because he's confused by his small parts.
Boom-Man Izokay6 years ago
dont ask me i'll only blow it up
biscuitking5 years ago
In the early 80's I was homeless.  Today I work for NASA.  Just goes to show you what hard work and determination (along with a really nice pen) will get you.  True story, believe me now or believe me later.
Are you the guy responsible for the trouser wearing ducks?
Just what is NASA up to, exactly?
 thats an amazing story actually. congratulations if it's not a lie
Yeah, it's true.  Got out of the Navy and had no place to go.  No friends to speak of, I was a bit of a loner.  Spent about a year living in my truck (does that qualify as homeless?), bumming around the country...met some really good people along the way.  There's an education to be had being on the road but the price you pay for it can be an expensive one if you let it.  One day I decided I needed to get responsible and get a real job.  Found one, stuck with it for a bunch of years, took college classes while I was working.  Graduated with an AAS in Computer Networking, started applying around and wound up getting this gig.  All in all, things haven't worked out too bad. 
*impressed whistle*
 niceeee, thats awesome all the way.
you are an inspiration to all the homeless people who still realize the value of a quality writing implement
nice, cheaper way to write with the world's finest ink, plus you have an anti-theft casing for it! kudos!!
anti theft casing? more like "hey can I borrow that?" and you not wanting to be mean, "sure!" then you forget or the person walks away before you can catch them. so the next day you ask, "hey can I have my pen back?" and they're like "oh, I lost it" or "oh, I lent it so someone else, sorry. it's just a pen.. i'll get you a new one!" no, it wasn't just a cheap G2, it was an 6-8 dollar pen that you made a special trip to the store for and spent five minutes reading an instructable to make it. lol.
That's where the old bartender/waiter mantra comes in to play.
"One to lend, one to lose and one to use."

NEVER be generous with your good pen. I lost my favourite pen of all time through that. I felt terrible about it for MONTHS after and still get a pang of sadness any time I go to write a letter now. T'was a gift from someone no longer with us.

The short pens you get in some shops and bookies are good loaners (don't put them in a pocket or bag though as they will leak - good for the desk though)... as are the cheap and nasty Bic disposables.

If it's life or death and someone needs to use your good pen tell them they can use it right in front of you and take it nowhere or find another pen. So they think you're an arse? Who cares... those who don't appreciate wanting to hang onto your good pen are thieving savages who wouldn't understand the beauty of writing with a good pen if you got them to pen a million words with one and then go to a scratchy, gummed up Bic ball point.
That's exactly how I feel. I personally never lend a pen or pencil to anyone regardless of the quality of the writing implement. I almost lost a family heirloom of sorts in school last year. My mom had given me her old Cross pen that she recieved for her high school graduation. It had run dry so I put in a cheap refill I extracted from a pen I got at a church function. Nevertheless, this was still a nice pen and the thought of misplacing it in a building full of ignorant athlete-types sickened me and loaning it to anyone was never even a thought. After all, one wouldn't lend one's sword to another person and since the pen is indeed mightier than the sword I couldn't imagine lending a pen.
Kharabe6 years ago
Ill take my thirteen dollar flat black write in the rain pen any day, you all can argue about what pen is best. but if it works in the rain and the sand in iraq and afghanistan then itll work in a class room.
Estwald Kharabe6 years ago
The "write in the rain pens" use the Fischer Space Pen cartridge. So rest assured, not only will it stand up to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan, it will write under water and in the depths of space.
Rainh2o Estwald5 years ago
it would probably only write underwater to a depth of 30 feet...after that the pressure inside wont be enough to overcome the water pressure :)
Isn't pressurized; uses capillary action in order to dispense the ink. That's why it doesn't squirt everywhere when you pull the tip off a refill cartridge. Get your tubular facts straight, please.
it does use pressure, Mr.Fischer created an ink with enough resin that it will not leak even though it is pressurized under nitrogen gas
Ah. Didn't know the tech with that one; still, if there's enough resin that it won't leak even though it's under pressure, it's still actually using capillary action to draw the ink out. I think that the cartridge uses the pressure to get the ink into the thing and pressurize it in a way that more can fit, but it isn't written with due to the pressure.
May i please explain this? The cart. is nitrogen pressurized to force the ink to the tip regardless of angle or gravity.Then, as usual, capillary is uesd ti get ink from barrel to paper
No, you may not, as the comment you are replying to is two years old and you did not bother to check that before replying.
The Space Pen, that's where they get all the resin in that movie "Water World".  Maybe they float?  Resssssin, ReEEeeesssssSsssinnnn.
rosin he says, rosin. he may as well want paper
Rainh2o Kharabe2 years ago
maybe he has special trade
Heck yes. Space pens are so cool.
What about a 30 cent pencil? Works in space, and under water :P Just kidding, I love the idea behind this. I use a completely solid metal parker pen, because that's the only pen I can't chew on and it won't break. It doesn't write really good though.
Gamer917 eygen5 years ago
you cant really chew on a g2 pro. XD
Believe me:yes you can. 2 days and the clicker was gnawed off.
Sure, science may have developed a way to make PENCILS work under water...I'm just waiting for some underwater paper.
ROFL!!!!! XD

Steampunk, Sukaaaas!
plastic slates
For a pencil to write on?
its what the russian space program did, while america spent oodles of money on developing the space pen.

It was independently designed and developed. Russia and the US used it afterwards.
fuzz579 s1rus5 years ago
The problem with that is the graphite will float away in space and get into the electronic bits, causing a short.
The plastic slates work because it is rough and not slippery.
i no it sounds silly but it does actually work
actually, with the right plastic slates, it works fairly well.
what about canvas or waxed paper?? 
bowmaster eygen5 years ago
Get a Zebra F-301 stainless. It's stainless steel.
sharlston eygen5 years ago
thats why i get parkers aswell
Inspiration!! Thanks. My daughter chews every pen she has ever had-what a great idea!
another much cheaper way to write in space... use a pencil
That's what Russia does. The USA uses pens so the graphite dust won't break anything.
umm, ever heard of a filter? and besides, all they need to do is pressurize the ink cartridge just the right amount!

And ANOTHER point, computermabob???
NASA didn't think of that.
The Russians used a pencil..
Pencils can burn....bad for rockets.[ I agreed with You until the article pointed this out. There may have actually been a point.]
Both Russia and NASA have used Pencils and the Fischer space pen.  Neither agency contributed one cent towards development, but purchased the pens after they had been developed.

There's a link to a "Scientific American" article cited on that page.  I would've pasted that link, but instructables doesn't seem to want to allow query parameters on a URL.  

They don't use pencils much because they don't want conductive carbon floating around.

They've mostly used felt-tip pens; they work great in zero-g!
 n1 rofl
static evan_1244 years ago
 But would you want a conductive material that  foul electrical circuits floating arounf the cabin?
Pwag evan_1244 years ago
Or a crayon!
Don't forget your waterproof green ranger book haha. Nothing like nightime land-nav in the rain at pldc.
a4806412 years ago
You could just write with the refill cartridge. Very minimalistic.
Do they sell Mont Blanc pens in Australia? I'm not really worried about the pen, just the Mont Blanc stuff.
One ore thing the prices are very high for some websites. Shop around. A roller ball pen should be around $100 US plus shipping not $245.00
I am sure they sell in Australia as well. My suggestion for you is try Google and you will find several websites that sell the Mont Blanc pens. Good luck to you.
50-502 years ago
you could just use the refill with a grip on it
[Vote Up] :D
grodzilla8 years ago
Rantings being the section of skin between the elbow and the trimary neuticle.
No, ranting as in the end of the world and how the government in spying on us and have satelites that use rubies to create lasers that can cause spontaneous erruption to create fear into the general public to control us with flame retardant underwear.
Dont forget about the trouser-wearing ducks!
paqrat NumberX2 years ago
Lord help me I've tried to forget the trouser-wearing ducks but they haunt my dreams. They...Haunt...My...Dreams!!
 Trouser-wearing homeless ducks? Screw them I got a new pen!
wtf is a trimary neuticle?!?!
ah, rantings: the pass time of hobos the world over
stevenh4293 years ago
a pen- a thin piece of either plastic or metal that does not ned to be shapened
Also an enclosure for animals
LakeLivin8 years ago
Again, for clarity, do you mean "cut the threaded portion of the Mont Blanc refill to be the same length as the threaded portion of the original ink refill"? (the refills themselves look like they are the same length to me)
TN777 LakeLivin2 years ago
Okay, LakeLivin:
You cut the blue Mont Blanc plastic  to where the G2 and Mont Blanc are the same exact size. I hope that explains it a little.
TN7772 years ago
Okay, you grab both ends and twist untill it comes apart =)
DaisyDoodle2 years ago
I'm not certain if you're still around KingAnt . . . your tutorial sent an important message to all of us . . . and, you had over 640,000 views!
mikeltv12 years ago
Isn't there a pen where it doesn't use ink but it uses metal? It also costs like 30 bucks.
Yep, it's pretty cool, saw it on a website called vat19.
cubemonkey2 years ago
I believe the "Bottle2Pen" recycled pens use a G2 refill. I find they are sturdier and don't snap in the middle like regular G2's. They are also a little flexible, being made from plastic bottles, and work great for someone who is rough on pens, like myself.
Anyone know if you can get a G2 pro in the uk?
Any pilot G2 will work, regardless of pro or not. I'm not sure about the UK, but in the US the G2 is really common and isn't hard to find lying around somewhere.
50-502 years ago
your mean, you kill pens
Tee Hee... now lets make fake money with ink printers... yyyyaaayyyy.
Naww this is kewl and I so m Gonna try this.. lets make some money
taria3 years ago
See, now this tutorial is bad for me...I'm a pen a'holic. I love good writing pens, smooth flowing pens that write like butter and are just perfect in your hand, pens that look strange a weird. But I haven't and don't shot me, but I haven't ever heard of this type of pen. Maybe because it is so expensive. I normally use the Zebra NR5 0.5 needle tip pens or the paper mate pens that have the silver and black with the cool flora designs on them. Those to me write smooth. The only pen that I have that might cost a lot was one that I got in Germany years ago as a gift that I never use cause I don't want it to run out of ink. I know I sound crazy. But I LOVE pens and yes I need help with my obsession.

I have at least over 200+ different types of pens, some in coffee can's some in planet containers, some in boxes. I'm obsessed I tell ya! and now I find a tutorial that will help me to improve my pen collection even more...thanks for adding to my obsession. Wonderful tut btw. I will be saving this for later.
coolo52 taria3 years ago
i love pens to i actually collect them i love them so much
nhereveri3 years ago
Nor do I like the marks on my clothes or accessories, but if I like to spend on things that will last a lifetime or work as expected. Excellent instructable!
If you don't have a five year old, make one!
15zhangfra3 years ago
old pilot g2, i use 0.38 ink and for some reason it always stops working after a week or two of use- maybe some grit gets into the tip (?). either way, worked this out today. ink cost me 6 dollars, and the pen since i already had it was free.

loving how it writes!

i know my hand writing sucks XD
MCUman3 years ago
Great pen hack. Back in the day Parker, PaperMate and T-Ball Jotter were at war. The thing I miss the most was the smell of the inks. Who had the best smelling ink. I always went for the Parker smell as a kid. The Jotter for the feel and the PaperMate for the look. Bic back then was trying to impress everybody by shooting their pens into 2X4's with a rifle, but they hurt like hell to hold on to and write. Now days I'm a Pentel Excalibur pen with a Pentel EnerGel roller ball black ink @1.0mm hacked to fit the pen. It out writes any $300.00+ pen ever. cost on this one is around $25.00, but it's all shiny metal. But alas, no ink fragrance.

BTW the delivery on a 5 year old, excluding pre-order prep time, has been set a 5 years, 9 months, +/- 2 weeks min. by the bureau of standards.
If you like the smell of ink, have you checked out Noodlers? Otherwise the DE ATRAMENTIS inks are awesome! I bought the Jet Fuel scented ink. It knocked my socks clean off into the washing machine.
Phoghat MCUman3 years ago
'Scuse me, but the Jotter was MADE by Parker. The only difference between it and a regular Parker was that on the Jotter, the ball was textured so it would "grip" the paper better. You can buy them from Amazon.
optimize7 years ago
Stop, fools, you are all mistaken! I hate to be the one bursting so many bubbles, but here are some points that have been neglected: 1. The G2 comes with gel ink. The Montblanc refill is a rollerball 2. Gel inks are inherently less smooth than rollerballs. But they have become very popular because they do not dry out like rollerballs and can be used in retractable pens. 3. Using a rollerball refill in a retractable will cause it to dry out and have a sticky ball. 4. Take a look - all rollerballs sold are in capped pens. The water-based liquid ink needs to be kept airtight. 5. Montblanc Ink is good, but look at other true rollerballs, such as the models by Pilot, Uni-ball, and Parker, and you'll find that they are all pretty close. By the way, ball-points use oil based ink and that is why they are very resistant to drying out, but have more resistance when they write. Don't bother with this process. If you want maximum smoothness, try a quality capped non-gel rollerball by itself, such as the Uni-Ball Vision Elite or Pilot Precise.
viacin optimize6 years ago
zebra sells a roller ball pen that will blow you away, for only $3 :D No hack required (uless you're thristy and like ink)
mweston viacin6 years ago
Those are my favorite pens.. the F-301 and M-301... I use them evey day at school and my friend always tries to steal them :-P
the best is the uniball jetstream 2 it is amazing
fyi m-301 is mechanical pencil but the pen rules
Yeah, the M is a pencil, and the F is a pen... I use 'em both. And I just got an F-710 (me and my pen OCD) which I have becone addicted to as well
what is the f-710
It is a newer all metal style pen... I saw it at a Staples store and I liked the weight

I searched it on google and this was the first website -
i had one of those.... it was the best pen i had ever had. it was the perfect length, with a little weight to it. i had it for about 5 years, from 3rd grade to 8th grade, but while cleaning out my locker (im goin into highschool : ) )i accidentally lost the greatest pen ever. thank god for office supply co.
(removed by author or community request)
(removed by author or community request)
Go Seniors! Boo the others!
HraaR fearghus6 years ago
I'm not sure what I am. What's grade ten. Oh well, GO GRADE TEN. BOO THE REST OF YOU!
Xap HraaR6 years ago
wow... go freshmen at the school that has no upperclassmen yet (like me)!!! btw, 10th grade is sophomores...
jonny_s Xap6 years ago
Go graduates that don't have to go to school at all!!! :D
xacrox jonny_s6 years ago
Woot Woot, Go Graduates!
nyaah, nyaah. Were gonna live longer than you!.....Unless unforseen complications arise
sure, so where are you working now, a grocery store, maybe a gas station. I'm 14 and I'm over qualified to work at a grocery store...
jonny_s Xap6 years ago
That comment made me laugh. :) In case you have not figured this out, it really does not take much to be overqualified to work at a grocery store. I could be doing basically whatever I want right now, but I'm choosing to be making money. A few grand per week doing commercial fishing is fine by me for the short-term. :)
hey!.....i work at a grocery store...
Ah, but would you not say that you are overqualified to work there? Sure it's fine, especially for a part time job while going to school or something like that, (I did that also) but I would hazard to guess that %95 of the people who stock shelves in a grocery store are qualified to do more than that. In other words, no disrespect intended man! :)
Xap jonny_s6 years ago
good point... awkward...
Xap xacrox6 years ago
that just means your old and gonna die soon
thinkdunson Xap6 years ago
buurrrrn! oh damn, i'm old too.
This is exactly what Optimize was talking about. I LOVE Zebra rollerballs, however, they are HIGHLY prone to the sticky all and blotch on you page at first use. Otherwise I would use them religiously. So, I have to stick to my more resistant Parker as explaine above. Oh well. I'm a big fan of parkers too. BTW, parker fountains are great too.
OMG i bought a zebra f-301 and fell in love with it
Rishnai viacin6 years ago
I love Zebra pens. I always keep one on hand. I might even dare say I like them more than Mont Blanc. They write great, and can provide a wonderfully controllable range of shades of black if I get in a drawing mood.
ah no have the parker jotter they are fantastic, gel ink, rollerball all together smooth writing, comfortable about 6 pounds (very reliable, light etc basically wonderpen)
ax89 optimize6 years ago
Sorry for bumping an old thread but I could not resist... Re: #3 "Using a rollerball refill in a retractable will cause it to dry out and have a sticky ball. " Yeah, nobody likes sticky balls.. lol
Ummm, i think it says "rolling ball" on the side. Can you have gel ink in a ball point pen?
rollingball.xcf(250x90) 63 KB
oh woops, my pic of the pen messed up. (linux, sorry)
rollingball.xcf(250x90) 63 KB
You kinda sound like a commercial.
No offense.
moseph optimize6 years ago
even so, couldn't you adapt a cheapy capped pen by a similar method?
optimize moseph6 years ago
Yes, definitely. But before I bothered putting a Mont Blanc refill in anything, give a try to a quality rollerball - such as a UNI-Ball Jetstream. Mont Blanc has a reputation for wonderfully made pens, but they really don't write any better than the good rollerballs.
lolguy optimize6 years ago
uniball Laknock works good also, the 1.4 mm point makes the line fell as if it is ink or paint.
ahhhhh...i always liked pilot pens...but people in my class jacked the from me T.T
Uniball vision elite runs a lot of ink, bleeds through the paper, my teacher made me rewrite my compo because of ink blotchs
yeah..... they always steal all my good uniballs and and pilots...
I was nearly trying this, but your point is so logical (and Richie P.'s) , I changed my mind. Good catch.
vegetapure3 years ago
or is it this?
vegetapure3 years ago
is this the right one?
jaythedogg3 years ago
I LoL'd out loud like LOL stands for & got funny looks from around the room when I read this: Step 5If you don't have a 5 year old, make one.
I enjoyed reading this on my PC computer.
I enjoyed commenting on this in the comment section.
I enjoyed reading the comments on this comments section on my PC computer too
If I only had half a sentence to write about any comment, fidibiri, I think I
same dude!
joemetal035 years ago
I don't understand this step, do I use a gun to split the pen into 2 pieces?
Idk either, I'm in the progress of giving a girl my seed so in 5 years I can ask my kid. I need a faster way of doing this so if this works out, let me know. Thanks! =)
try harder.. and faster.. it's up to you

P.S. I know those posts were a joke, but I'm sorry if I have offended anyone
Only guns of .45 caliber or greater will do the job. A S&W .50 caliber is best.
ahhh……yeah,but DO NOT forget the spring……
jfloyd23 years ago
I just went to staples and picked up a 3 pack of Pilot G2 B2Ps for $4.. meaning I got 2 Monte Blanc pens for under $20. These pens are pretty cool too because they are made from recycled bottles and they are clear blue all the way through so you can still see the logo (although probably not as well as you can through the basic G2s.).. none to mention this was the cheapest deal on a pen that will hold a G2 refill at my local store (the smallest pack of G2s I could find was 5 of them for like $8).
sunshiine3 years ago
I am totally sharing this with my husband and kids. This ible made my day! Thanks so much for sharing.
just curious, by removing a piece of the blue plastic,
you opened a hole in the top of the refill.
is there then any danger of the ink coming out if the pen is left inverted for a length
of time?
perhaps you should fill the hole with hot glue...
he didn't really make a hole in it, the piece of blue plastic he cut was just a hollow cylinder and he just made it shorter, so no worries, ink wont explode all over you when you click it. :) Hahaha
Really like your idea.
simplebeep3 years ago
Now, if only there was such a simple and effective way of getting a real fountain pen for such a low cost!
Truly one of the finest Instructables around...Useful, clever and intelligently humorous. Well done, indeed!
bbetsinger3 years ago
I did this with a 2 pack of Mont Blanc rollerball mediums and a pack of 4 of Pilot G-2 (10)s <-- 1mm. Made sure the inks said May 2013 on them instead of the Jan 2010 ones on the shelve (exp. date I suppose). Scraped the ends down on the sidewalk which is very quick to make it as long as original ink.... These two pens don't skip any ink. As fast as you can move the pen on paper you can write. I made really fast fake signatures the other day for about half hour lol. You can see through the center of the pens I mentioned and it shows Mont Blanc. It makes my pretentious self tingle with exstacy
Same here.
Having the "Mont Blank" readable helps me feel like a snob :)

Great Instructable.
barnsey_23 years ago
just in case everyone else might have the same question that i had, it does not have to be a g2 pro the regular g2 will work just as well...

and i'm on the fence weather i like it or not, it takes absolutely no pressure to lay the ink, and offers no resistance back towards your hand against the paper, thus i find it awkward to write with due to my familiarity with other uncivilized writing utensils many unplanned marks meet the paper while in use. i think i might be just as happy with the $1 g2 pen
This is the funniest, along with one of the most useful, instructibles I've ever read.

-Ash- Ditto, I choose You!
-Ditto- Why'd you say that? I already sliced Paul's face off and collected his blood to use a syrup on our pancakes!

Wait what?
I just had pancakes. No blood though.
I agree
Monsterguy3 years ago
Now I'm sure some people will disagree but I'm fairly certain that Mont Blanc pens are nothing but a status symbol pen.
Their fountain pens are notorious for leaking and I prefer the way Parker refills write over the Mont Blanc ones.

tinker2343 years ago
wow this is something i will do i guess its time to stop using the cheap pens i found in my fridge for some reasen they write better that way
The idea in itself is good; I tried it and it worked fine.

The problem is that I really can't tell any difference between the original ink and the Monte Blanc one. They write exactly the same. Can I have my $14 back, please?
Yeah, turns out I'm a pen snob, but I couldn't tell the difference between writing with a Mont Blanc and most roller ball pens. The only difference was the solid feel of the pen. Now, fountain pens are another thing all together...
I guess defective condoms are usefull for something.
arduinoe5 years ago
this step may take a while , up to 9 months (relation ship problems may hinder child production) lol
isaac! arduinoe4 years ago
lol fail, 9 months gives you a >1 year old as im sure you realized as soon as you typed it
ink13jr isaac!3 years ago
lol fail 9 months give you a newborn.
wetware7 years ago
I should have just bought the Mont Blanc: my dentist is going to charge $425 for the repairs to my teeth.
wait, so now i have to find an adult? its gonna take like forever for the five year old i just made to be an adult.
lol. If childs age goes above 5 redo step 5
lol omfg, thats great
Ok, I made 3 different shop (Staples, Omer Desser (quebec city) and stylo pros) and no one had the G2 PRO so I did a new trick by myself MORE SIMPLE (only 2 steps)

Buy a PaperMate FlexGrip utra ( MEDIUM

Buy a Mont Blanc Refil (the Ball pen Refill ( )

Put the Mont Blanc refill in the papermate pen. I KNOW the refill is shorter than the pen but it stay locked in the metal head of the pen.

Here it is :) you have your Mont Blanc Pen !
jimdkc4 years ago
This works well... for about a month! Then the Mont Blanc refill will dry out and simply quit writing. Most rollerball pens (the Mont Blancs included) need to be capped when not in use to prevent the ink from drying out. Don't waste your time or money doing this (like I did!) That said, the Pilot G2's are pretty good pens on their own, so it wasn't a total waste.
jimdkc jimdkc4 years ago
Here's a possible solution that I'm going to try: Schmidt Capless Rollerball Refills... they come in short (3 - 7/8") and long (4 - 1/4") versions. It looks like the long version should work. Fine point, 0.6 mm ceramic ball, stainless steel tip, come in black, blue, red or green, made in Germany. Should be pretty similar to the Mont Blanc... except they won't dry out!
jimdkc jimdkc4 years ago
No go... The Schmidt refills are too large in diameter to fit most G2 pens (standard G2 and G2 Limited), and on the G2's where they're not too fat (G2 Pro), they have a slightly different tip configuration.
ninja_maker4 years ago
Oh yeah.... What is up with those $30 space pens they sell???? OHHH MYYYYY GOSHHH NOW I CAN WRITE UPSIDE DOWN FOR AN EXTRA $25 WHAT A STEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ninja_maker4 years ago
Or you could go to Office Max and get a Pilot Vball pen that is just as amazing. By the way the Mont Black idea is very good
Jumpin4 years ago
Oh heavens. A pen can make or break my DAY! I think i's awesome. Well done. I'm going to get it tomorrow!
i just stole a 5 year old from the local day care
spartan0944 years ago
This works absolutely amazingly. I've been using mine since the first day of school for every single assignment (even math). It is so much smoother and crisper then anything else in the school. I forgot it in my locker for one class, and I nearly tore out my hair, the other pens feel like garbage. Do this, you will not regret it.
nolte9194 years ago
I bought a couple mont blanc refills and a couple G2 pens and it worked out great. I'm thinking of making these for everyone I know for Christmas.
uncbill4 years ago
re: bad refills, I've had the same problem with Cross. maybe they sit on the shelf so long they dry out.
imaMaker4 years ago
What a waste of $13 for two Monte Blanc refills.  It worked fine for a couple hours and has been skipping ever since.  Neat idea but it just doesn't work.
funny how "imaMaker" has done 2 comments, on the same thing... and nothing else... makes me think that he hasnt done it and just wants to make people buy the real thing
What's the matter with you?  Do you need an ible on how to be nice in this world?  Be good for goodness sake.  The ible is in two places and I really wanted people to know that it didn't work for me.  I did buy the real thing when I bought the refills.  Is there something special about the first cartridge in a "real" Monte Blanc?
To be somewhat fair, the second refill one hasn't started skipping and maybe it won't.  I was just very disappointed to have the first one skip on me.
that sir was not mean, it was somthing i wanted to point out to the community. when i see such a negative comment i often see who is posting and when i see that they only posted 2 things on the same kind of 'ible i want to point it out.
kcls4 years ago
This instructable has the most comments out of any instructable I've ever seen! And I've seen a lot of instructables. A lot.
nanook6264 years ago
Has anyone figured out how to do this with the Mont Blanc ball point refill?
fearme364 years ago
G2 Pro: $3
Mont Blanc refill: $12

Saving $185 in two minutes: Priceless
I love this instructable. Very well done with great and humorous instructions. I tip my hat to you, sir.
Shentianqi4 years ago
 will this work with normal gelroller II pens? I wanted 2 do this and accidentally bought G2 normal.
zascecs4 years ago
 If you don't want to wait really long, simply go to a child day-care center...
well, you know, a pair of clear g2's sells for less than one g2-pro. and montblanc refills also come in packs of 2...
Foaly74 years ago
Actually, you save $191 the first time, then about $6 each time after the ink from the first time runs out.
heat-seeker4 years ago
Aw, thanks I did this and It is great at school because it is not £109  its £10 so i don't have to worry about it getting lost!
brmonkey125 years ago
I once cut open a pen and shoved a pencil inside of it, raped the pencil in black tape to the tip and used it to cheat in math. And she thought I was making corrections with a pen lol. But anyway I think it's a good instructable despite the fact i would manage getting in all over me somehow.
Wow, this comment is more popular than the 'ible....almost.  I had consensual sex with a piece of chalk once (^_^)
You "RAPED a pencil in black tape". Please proof-read your comments.
isaac! xtank54 years ago
MattSwan isaac!4 years ago
Pencil rape is no laughing matter
 lol,pencil rape sounds like some weird fetish.
pencil sharpener?
in the instance of sharpening a pencil the pencil is the rapist, and the sharpener is the rapee lol

yes, the victim... lol

lol, this postis the 11th reply
12! lol
16. by the way love step 5.
Wow ya'll  at one of our neighboring schools, sum seniors just got expelled for like  raping a freshman with a pencil.  what a coincidence  lol
 there are weirder things...Japanese body pillows.
Mr.NHRA xtank54 years ago
 Thats just pretty darn hilarious.
hopefully someone will post this on failblog
 Wow. Funny spell mistake.
how can you cheat in math with a pencil that looks like a pen?
he could just change his answers, and say they were right, because there still in pencil
yeah i was thinking the same thing. lol
Schokokeks4 years ago
I took 2 G2  and tried a fine (F) and a medium (M) refill. I prefer medium. The writing result is just perfect.
Thank you for this instructable!
iwap4 years ago
Just wanted to thank you for the great instructable, and the great idea. Tried with a G2 Limited (metal barrel) and a Japan G2 Deluxe (silver, cromed, with a cap). Both are working for two weeks now. Perfect, for real!
erikeric iwap4 years ago
How did you get it to work in the Limited?  I have one but the refill in it is much (about 1/2") longer than the Mont Blanc.  I have another regular G2 with the same issue.
bluescrubby4 years ago
Fun instructable, thank you! 

I'm curious if anyone has any experience putting the fineliner in a click tube, where it will not seal from outside air completely.  Will it dry out or remain usable through some periods of inactivity? 
rdy2kll4 years ago
absolutely awesome great then no one will try to steal a two hundred dollar pen
Nice instructable!

P.S. The Uni-Ball Vision Micro and Uni-Ball Vision Elite are the best writing pens... period.
 I love thos pens, so smooth, and they are relatively cheap, like a pack of 3 for $5, amazingnessly awelots
teknoman4 years ago
How could you waste a perfectly good G2 pen by putting a Mont Blanc refill in it??? The pilot G2s are the best pens ever!
entropy1114 years ago
Don't bother with this instructable...the Mont Blanc refill is trash...

not sure how they justify the 13 dollar price tag (per 2)...

G2 is best in my opinion.

(Vision Elites are very good too).

The tech put into cheaper pens beats the Mont buy a Mont Blanc becuase you like expensive fancy for writing quality...meh...
blugyblug6 years ago
I hate really good writing pens, they are too heavy and they are too unbalanced.
I cant spin them properly, and they are always short...
Yeah im a Pen Spinner lol
Pen Spinning Utube Vid
I never got how to spin pens. like i can do it sort of slow but not like other people can. Im practacing :D
maybe you should practice spelling as well
Who cares about spelling, you just made a friendly conversation into an argument about spelling and grammar which is basically everywhere on Instructables.
Sorry. I didn't mean to be rude. I was only kidding. Sorry casey321b and also to blugyblug and to whoever else my comment may have offended. Like I said, I wasn't trying to be rude.
Nah its cool, i just hate those long pages of replies about grammar.
As long as it's readable with little effort and no meaning is lost in the improper use it's completely fine. I bet I've made a grammatical error just saying this, but it doesn't matter.
Grammar police coming in!

supa fine man toataly cool :'( jk jk
You forgot to put a period at the end.
thanks alot now you have got me addicted to spinning pens at school =D
how do you spin pens?
Lol, the teachers get really annoyed. I got like 5 pens confiscated for doing that. People make pen mods to make them longer and heavier, and theyre made from like 3 pens each.
my teacher thinks its really cool
Well then ur teacher is cool =D
my teacher's a hippy
and-reas4 years ago
Step 2b: Learn myself to read. Bought a ballpoint refill instead of a rollerball and it doesn't fit :( Oh well, my own fault really.  I'll keep on trying though!
jonom7 years ago
i find this.... "If you are not, congratulations, you live for function and not form." very pretentious indeed.
jimmytea jonom4 years ago
Saying "pretencious indeed" is in itself pretencious, though do I agree that a snobbishness in not owning the best of everything seems to be very trendy these days... In any event, I think a good combination of the form and function is ideal. One without the other, or the two in a bad ratio, limits the potential to yeild a good product IMO.
benhoff4 years ago
 What's wrong with pencils? You can erase them if you make a mistake. They come with erasers. You can stuff leads up where the ink, I mean lead comes out instead of buying a new pencil. I forgot ... you can get pencils in colors too. Ans they have numbers, like a number 2 pencil. Pencils don't have numbers. And you can use the lead, graphite, to oil your quantum physics perpetual motion machine. See ... I mean wow.

justfred4 years ago
I tried this, it worked best for me when I cut the end off right down to the bump.

Problem is, I'm not impressed with the MB rollerball ink or feel at all!  I got "medium point" and if feels like a very fine point - the writing skips and looks terrible, and that's on the day I opened it.  It also gets gloopy ink on the inside of the G2 near the tip.

Clever to be able to do.  A shame it doesn't write any better.  I'm pretty happy with my uni-ball Vision Elite.
~Z~ justfred4 years ago
Hey you got any idea on how to take the ink outta the uni ball? 
kayoz4 years ago
 i made a new astrodynamic kayozenite pen 
wanna make it ??
cost =less then 1$
wait,if you ran out of ink you can still go to a mount blanc station and get a free REFILL!
 wait what? YOU CAN???????
pkmn4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
Well, I'm a (very little) bit of a pen nut, but for me it's all about the fountain pens. I have never used a fountain pen that cost more than $100, but I can tell the difference between a pretty nice fountain pen and a crap fountain pen. Once you get to the REALLY expensive pens (>$1,000) it's mainly a collector's item type thing.

If I wasn't fairly rational and on a finite budget, I wouldn't hesitate to go to a nice pen store, try out all of their fountain pens and buy the nicest one I could find.
Dutch_Razor4 years ago
 You, sir, are brilliant!

It works flawlessly, just make sure to get the Rollerball and not the normal ballpoint refill.
 aren't those the same thing?
Well, the ballpoint is shorter for one, and it appears to have a different ink.

Not sure ballpoint is the correct name though.
wavecrash714 years ago
Great hack-- I just finished it and it works like a charm. I've also made one for my girlfriend as well! 
sum homeless peepol are normal with no monee,...........and sum are crazy.............its reel hard to give food to a guy havin a screeming mach with a cardbord box.
XionII4 years ago
Sweet, Gonna try this sometime.
The DNR4 years ago
I believe this is is really a misnomer.  A large part of the reason Mont Blanc pens command such a high price is the weight and feel of the pen.

If you would like to spend $15 to change the ink in your G2, that is fine, but realize that expensive pens are expensive for their heft, ergonomics, weight distribution, and many other reasons, not just the cartridge.

Overall a good idea to change writing inks.  I am a huge fan of the jetstream ink refills.
liera214 years ago
This is the link for the G2 pen refill, I guess the Mont Blanc refill should fit all pens that the G2 refill fits

"Pilot® Rollerball Pen Refills, Fits Dr. Grip Gel, G-2, LTD & Executive Q7 Pens"
whats so good about a mont blanc
Go try one out,they are great to write with.Also,they have nice styling and the more expensive ones are gold/silver plated.They have a nice,firm feel to them,too.
Gentlemen, I couldn't immediately find a Pilot G-2 Pro and wanted to pass that a regular G-2 works also. Cheers!
The G6,Dr Grip LTD,Dr Grip gel,Q7 and the ExecuGel would all work.
Do note that I haven't tried it out yet,but in theory they should be able to fit the Mont Blanc refills since they use the G2 refills.

Telios978 years ago
OWWW!! I was opening my pack of MB, the plastic wouldn't rip. WOuldn't rip. Wouldn't rip. Then my hand slipped, and I jammed the package into my eye. Now I'm down to one, and my depth perception is off. Too bad my other is glass. My lawyer will call you.
you can't rip plastic you dingus
use scissors
epic fail, right? xD
idogis14 years ago
There's some stock aluminum rods in the back of one of my classes, I'll see if I can use some of the shop equipment to make a shell.
mike.c5 years ago
 This is definitely one of those "if you have to ask you can't afford it situations". Yes Mont Blanc pens have wonderful ink and refills but to put them into some two bit shell is a crying shame.   
raimen mike.c4 years ago
well as much as I would love to have a great pen case to go with the refill, I don't have enough money. If it truly is such a shame, feel free to send me some money so I can buy the real thing xD
Daaayyuuuum in hawaii a single refil is 11.99 and the pen is 7.99 dam lol i am making a $20 pen lol
Does it matter on which refill you should use?
BTW here's a link to the Montblanc refill store:
make a five-year-old that would take 69 months!
that it would
can you get all this stuff in South Australia?
smokehill5 years ago
Excellent instructable -- and a good way to get the smoothness of the Mont Blanc without paying their stiff price.

Apparently some feel that paying a couple of hundred dollars (or more) for a writing instrument is pretentious.  I suppose it depends a great deal on how much writing you do, either at home or at work.  Before I retired, it was definitely worth it to have a fairly expensive fountain pen since I wrote constantly at work. 

Fountain pens, alas, have fallen out of fashion ... as has legible handwriting and writing skills in general in this day of text messaging and video games.

Anyone, though, who has ever written with  Mont Blanc fountain pen, or even a less expensive brand like Diplomat, knows that you get what you pay for, as far as the basic pen is concerned.  Spending an extra thousand on a fancier case is a different decision, but no different than buying good men's suits (as opposed to off-the-rack Sears rags) or a fine automobile.  There is little point to making a large salary if you don't use it to make life more enjoyable.  For some it's a Mont Blanc, for others it's a BMW or a Corvette.

One way to cut the cost of fountain pen refills, in most  cases, is just to buy the ink separately (usually in a good stationery store) and refill the disposable tubes with a small syringe, such as those used for insulin.  In most cases you will want to remove the needle (with pliers, usually) to keep the tiny hole in the tip from clogging.

The last time I checked (20 yrs ago), it cost 60 times as much to buy ink in little plastic cartridges as in a large glass jar.
blugyblug6 years ago
The refills are $12, which means the pen itself must be $188. Shouldnt it be the other way around.
That's true! Mont Black is a dumb company. If they sell the most valuable peice for 12$, The cases are OBVIOUSLY a rip of. (unless it's solid gold) Plus, who would buy a pen for 200$?
You'd be surprised.
In NYC I saw a mont blanc of rose gold and yellow diamond. It was $375,000
actually, the case is the most valuable part. that's what you're paying for when you buy an expensive pen. nobody cares how smooth the ink is when you pay a thousand dollars, they're just trying to look rich. of course the ink needs to be high quality, but that's not the reason for paying that much. and yes ..."unless it's solid gold"... haha... of course it is. they are often made of gold, silver and platinum. plus it costs a lot to put those intricate designs into the precious metal.
Regardless how much the case costs Mont Blanc to make, and frankly I'd be surprised if it were to cost them more than a tenth of what they charge for it, I believe the effect they (like printer, fax, & razor manufacturers) hope to achieve is to create another new customer willing to pay them a regular sum a month for refills for many, many years. It's in the regular outpourings of $12, month after month, not in the one-time sales of external cases, that Mont Blanc makes its real money, creating a reliable, long-term income stream.
good point (although i'm not sure if i strictly agree with it)... but even if it's absolutely true, my point is still valid. most of what you're paying for when you buy those expensive pens is the pen itself, not the ink cartridge.
It may cost a lot to put the designs in, or you could buy a DOLLAR STORE (around here its Dollarama. I'm in Atlantic Canada) metal engraver and make a stencil!!
I like the Mont Blanc pen as much as I like Porsches and Krieghoff rifles... They have their place: magazine pages... ;-) For car i'd go GM or Chrysler, for rifle Remington and Ruger, and for pen, Parker and Sheaffer fountain pens ($85 sonnet). It's only my .02...BTW, the guy made a good instructable here...
dzent15 years ago
Ahahahah! BEST written instructions EVER!
 It's what happens when you have an idea; design it; build it; then give it away!!!
icicles,party, sandy,guitar 015.jpg
blugyblug6 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
ahhhh!!!another person like question u lick windows too?
Hmm.. On a school excursion trip to a Zoo there was an ape licking the glass when it saw us. Tell me, Are you an Ape?
technically yes.....but i like the shortbus windows best!!!they taste better.....
isn't it hard to lick the windows with your helmet on?
yes, it can get complicated, but i like a challenge!
just beware of toilet snakes!
spikelea fwjs285 years ago
this conversation i just witnessed nearly made me pee my pants laughing
fwjs28 spikelea5 years ago

lol, re-reading it all makes my inner child giggle inside 

furiously giggle
I don't get it
something's wrong with the picture thing...
OMG!!!! there it is again!
wtf i dont get it
it's an image bug... the images carry over from your last comment, it's annoying...
oh w/e
lol i like that
i cant take full credit for it...
Yeah its from maddox...

I've accidentally drank it, totally tasteless, I was more worried because my mouth was completely blue and it took ages to wash the ink out by the way they say it's not toxic under the assumption that you don't deliberately drink tons of the ink!
What typ eof pen was it?
It was one of those Gel ink pens that near the top is transparent and it sort of has a heatsink looking thingy to hold the ink in. It burst when I had the tip in my mouth :)
spikelea baneat5 years ago
the last sentence is a definite "that's what she said"
Crucio baneat6 years ago
It burst when I had the tip in my mouth :)

Oh gosh, double entendre.
Ok someone just had to point that out...
you're so naughty
baneat Crucio6 years ago
Unintentional lol
do you really eat heaps of ink? i mean, it may not be toxic, but wouldn't it kind of coat your insides? i guess that's one way to lose weight. or to look completely goth. a totally black mouth, tongue and teeth. "yes, my heart is black as well... fear me, meatsack. the darkness inside this shell is nothing next to the infinite darkness awaiting you. run for the sake of your immortal soul."

...i like candy
(removed by author or community request)
we all do things to look cool. everything you wear, you have to consider what everyone else will think. and do you think emos and goths expect everyone to think they look cool like that? no, they don't. the fact that you say they do it to look cool, obviously means you think it looks cool.'re just afraid to dress like that because you know everyone will think you're not cool. see how that works? so they really are cool for expressing themselves openly.

...cheese is also cool
Goths were "cool" when it wasn't "cool", if that makes sense. They were only cool when the first few were doing it, and not that I agree with it or that it's a style I've ever liked - but I can appreciate the aspect of what their style stood for. But as soon as it became the trend to look like you were gothic without the mindset behind it...meh.
No, you can notice it in some people. You can notice that they TRY to. (I missed the word out there)
Bloo Poo?
Wow ive gotten 26 replies from this.
You are a very odd person, my friend. But whatever floats your inventive boat. I can dig flavored gel pens.
dude you are weird! hahahahahahahahaha but definitely original
Whos actually eaten pen ink here and enjoyed the taste instead of spitting it out? I licked my friends glue once, it tasted kinda weird. dont eat it, its pretty gross.
mo5 blugyblug6 years ago
your mother must be proud
That was one of the funniest things I've read all day. You must be an ink connoisseur!
someguy5645 years ago
Ha. Try a fountain pen, they are ten thousand times better that your montblanc roller ball. (Start with something like a lamy safari)
fountain pens rock
They rock...except on airplanes...last time i went on an airplane with one i had to put it in a barf bag due to the ink mess O_o dang you pressure change
What airline are YOU riding on and where?  In the cargo hold?  The cabin is pressurized....
all cabin ARE pressurized, but not quite to normal atmospheric pressure. They are slightly less pressurized, so pens don't have as much pressure holding the ink back.

It was just a normal flight, but for some reason it did that, And I put it in my luggage on the way back, and the same thing happened >_<
I'm sorry but I find that very funny.
its not funny when you have iit in the same bag as a DS, phone, ipod, laptop, and a stephen king book.
You can't draw as well with a fountain pen. It's next to impossible to shade effectively with a liquid ink. Ballpoint pens can be used as ultra fine pencils, to shade lightly without the ink running everywhere. And I actually have a lamy safari, which I love for writing, just not drawing.
Agreed! I have quite a few rather nice fountain pens {mostly antique, but, hey, antiques are for win} yet I still use cheap ballpoints for drawing. ; For whatever reason, I really like the look of the lines. -laughs-
XOIIO5 years ago
LOL! Love Step 5
you obviously did not factor this into the time given in the title. I was expecting a quick hack, but i guess im gonna have to do a whole lot more waiting than planned. lol
This is an awesome, forehead-slapping idea.
I'm 1% done making the 5 year-old from step 5. Having trouble finding a womb. Maybe there's an instructable for a knitted/plexiglass version.

You might looking into renting one. Occasionally people will pay you to rent one for an evening.
I tried renting one, but apparently they only rent them out with the attached h**ker.
Alright my five year old is ready, what was I supposed to ask him again?
grodenbarg5 years ago
$200.00 minimum difference for a brand name pen?  greed must be eating at the pen industry. :P
"if you dont have a 5 year old, make one"

lol that made my day
piaferre5 years ago
jajjajJAJj "if you need help here, ask a 5 year old". 
Great instructable!
biscuitking5 years ago
Just Google Rite In The Rain Paper....I use it all the time out in the field.
I didn't know adult supervision was sharp.

dang it! and I thought adult supervision was SAFE!!!!!!!!!!

japanites6 years ago
I hate the comment about the homeless. If you've ever known any of them you'd realize how off base the comment is. Many can't help it due to mental illness and lack of health care options. Great hack, bummer on the social commentary part.
"Many can't help it due to mental illness and..." This is exactly where the rantings come in to play. It is a fact of life that some homeless people are extremely "crazy" through mental illness or excessive drug use. It is what it is. I find that looking at the humorous aspects of the world instead of focusing on the negative makes one less sensitive and better able to adapt to otherwise undesirable situations. Lighten up! This is a cool instructable. Your social commentary is just as bad or worse to many of us than the author's. I think we should all support freedom of speech and poetic license in these instructables to allow for more fun projects and more expression of the authors' personal preferences of how to write his or her own text.
(sniff, sniff).......dude your gonna make me cry......... (sniff, sniff)   :*(
I don't think I need to Lighten up!, I really need to Heavy down. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I hope you have a good Holiday Season.
david_ david_6 years ago
Besides, if I was homeless, I would love a G5 refill for my rantings. As it is, all my rantings are currently written by computer.
Woah, buzzkill.
You're even more of a buzzkill than BuzzKillington lol
buzzzzzzzzzz , SPLAT
Dude... seriously.
and lazzyyness
and-reas5 years ago
I'm studying IT and it's a shame we almost typ everything, instead of writing, otherwise I would do this hack.
 You could always charge the $12 refill to an expense account and tag it as a backup device for MS Word...
jumpstarter5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
nice spam
jray435 years ago
NIce  simple instruct. I love it, wack 1/8" off of uber better refil and put into your fav ballpoint.  What, no welding?
I've been making wooden pens for Xmas. This has got me thinking....
Beeeg thx
r1150gs5 years ago
You're doing it wrong.

I have a Montblanc pen and it's rarely used as the ink refills last about three days before drying out.  I modified this procedure by pulling the tip off the gel refill and replacing it with the threaded tip from a dried out Montblanc refill.  It's takes a little effort to get the Montblanc tip inserted into the plastic gel tube body and I would strongly recommend (particularly if married) doing it on a newspaper covered surface for easy cleanup.  I now have a fancy pen that actually does what it's suppossed to do - write.  Thanks for the nudge.
Powerpinluc5 years ago
Excellent... now your collegues and friends can steel your  Mont Blanc without noticing it !

That's very true.
gez5 years ago
what is your special tool to do this?
queenarach5 years ago
I just compiled one today! 
I've been eyeballing the Mont Blanc pen at Costco for about a year now. 
I'll be making some of these for Xmas, thank you again! 
qwertyboy5 years ago
i LOVE the G2 07
mephistocat5 years ago
Brilliant, well-written and hilarious instructable. I worked at a pen shop for a while and will happily confirm that, while nice pens are nice, cheap ones will save sales people the effort of trying to look unfazed you drop 1,000 pounds on a writing implement. -laughs- Anyway, yeah! Ace job. X3;
 I used to act unfazed when customers plopped down thousands with me. Then, after a while, I really was unfazed. Now I'm just grateful...
maxpower495 years ago
sweet my pen writes under water but the paper doesn't last too long any help
water-proof paper
LakeLivin8 years ago
Or do you mean the blue plastic at the other end of the Mont Blanc refill? From the pic, the overall lengths of the refills look about the same to me, that's what is confusing.
its the blue plastic bit, we dont need it for this ible
Metro Man5 years ago
Will a G2 refill fit into a Mont Blanc pen with or without modification?
LakeLivin, please never speak again
arduinoe5 years ago
is that the name of a band or a new kind of porn? 'cause it sure sounds like one!
but somehow its funny ..............
hee hee, dead pen!
Trainguyxx5 years ago
Oh my god. I think I love you 0_0...XD nah just kidding, but I love this new 14 dollar pen! Thankyou so much, I really need a pen like this. This is an awesome tutorial, good job!
drsnipe09875 years ago
this is the best idea since sliced chese!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(removed by author or community request)
whoah, that reminded me of a movie we watched in english today, it had this horse and it goes DUN DUN DUN! as it zooms into the horses eye rapidly. Everybody was like wat the hell's with that!?!
What movie was it?
Man from Snowey River, seriously old...
Thanks a bunch.
What, so you won't watch it or you will?
I might.
*dramatic pause*
......... for my junior machining project i made a detailed Pilot-G2 evolution..... took the same refils, but had a better feel.... used the grip from an easytouch..... integrated (transluscent)pvc and tungsten barrel the feel is amazing, and its very techie looking. aaaah took me forever on the lathe but it was soooo worth it.... thing is the best pen ever!
theburford5 years ago
Ryakx5 years ago
how can any pen cost $200 ?!? Dose it really write THAT good?
awang8 Ryakx5 years ago
The ink's one thing, but it's the barrel (or whatever you call it) that's expensive. It's got all sorts of things like gold on the edge... and... umm... gold on the edge... and... I don't see why it's so expensive...