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Step 10: Here is the tough part.

Now here is where it gets tricky...reassemble the pen. Now, before you do that, switch the refills so that instead of the original ink, you put the Mont Blanc refil inside the G2 pen. If it doesn't work properly, repeat step 8.
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QQQQ8 years ago
If the Mont Blanc refill isn't writing smoothely, do NOT shake it while indoors wearing nice clothing. My floor, desk, and shirt are all covered in the world's finest ink.
At least it's not some cheap crummy ink...
If you cut too much off the refill so that it won't fit in a Pro, it might still fit in a regular G2. Not that I'd know or anything.
tydeus8 years ago
did the ink come out of the tip of the pen or somewhere else? the plastic part cut off in the steps might uncover the end of the ink refill, you might be able to block it back up easily with a dap of hot glue.
chadness8 years ago
mrharris - as subtly stated in Step 3. :)
mrharris8 years ago
You don't need the G2 Pro. It works the same with a G2.