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Step 10: Here is the tough part.

Picture of Here is the tough part.
Now here is where it gets tricky...reassemble the pen. Now, before you do that, switch the refills so that instead of the original ink, you put the Mont Blanc refil inside the G2 pen. If it doesn't work properly, repeat step 8.
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Dacp2831 month ago

Beachteh, since you obviously think of yourself as some high class success story who absolutely must portray wealth not only to your clients but to us I will call you out on just how utterly stupid your comment is. I guarantee if you put your Mont Blanc next to one of the pens I make your "clients" will be inclined to mention the pen. Where as yours, well it's an over priced piece of plastic my friend. You don't own a 25k hand made gold and diamond Mont Blanc you own a "I got robbed because I paid $500.00 for a pen made exactly the same way as a bic pen". So congrats at looking like a fool. If you doubt me feel free to do some internet research on the materials used in the production run Mont Blanc pens. If I was your client and you tried to be a show off with that expensive junk I'd immediately think you lacked any financial sense and take my hard earned wealth elsewhere. Oh by the way, I had this exact conversation with a coworker, right before her Mont Blanc shattered. Now it's held together with tape. As for the poster of this ible, well done I found it entertaining.

BeachTech2 months ago

You are completely missing the point of a Mont Blanc. I have a REAL one right here in my dress shirt pocket (Starwalker Midnight Black). The point is, when I ask someone to sign a contract that involves them paying me A LOT of money, I pull out my Mont Blanc pen, put it on the contract, and push it across the table toward them. Even when it is in my shirt pocket and you can see the snow capped mountain on the top of the pen (their logo), it shows class, style, professionalism, success, etc.

Mont Blanc is not the best ink out there (unless you go with the water-based inks, and that will dry up in anything but a capped ink pen.) If you want a good pen that writes GREAT, get a Uni Bal Vision Elite (about $3) from any store. That is the best writing pen I have ever used that is under $500.

QQQQ8 years ago
If the Mont Blanc refill isn't writing smoothely, do NOT shake it while indoors wearing nice clothing. My floor, desk, and shirt are all covered in the world's finest ink.
At least it's not some cheap crummy ink...
If you cut too much off the refill so that it won't fit in a Pro, it might still fit in a regular G2. Not that I'd know or anything.
tydeus8 years ago
did the ink come out of the tip of the pen or somewhere else? the plastic part cut off in the steps might uncover the end of the ink refill, you might be able to block it back up easily with a dap of hot glue.
chadness9 years ago
mrharris - as subtly stated in Step 3. :)
mrharris9 years ago
You don't need the G2 Pro. It works the same with a G2.