Step 12: Enjoy

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Enjoy the fact that you have one of the world's finest writing instruments without the pompus shiny band names and logos on it. Way to go, common man.
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Kevanf11 year ago

Hmm, this did not work on my 1910 Mabie Todd fountain pen :(


Very easy hack! I used sand paper to adjust the length of the Mont Blanc refill.

It works beautifully!

nice, cheaper way to write with the world's finest ink, plus you have an anti-theft casing for it! kudos!!
anti theft casing? more like "hey can I borrow that?" and you not wanting to be mean, "sure!" then you forget or the person walks away before you can catch them. so the next day you ask, "hey can I have my pen back?" and they're like "oh, I lost it" or "oh, I lent it so someone else, sorry. it's just a pen.. i'll get you a new one!" no, it wasn't just a cheap G2, it was an 6-8 dollar pen that you made a special trip to the store for and spent five minutes reading an instructable to make it. lol.
That's where the old bartender/waiter mantra comes in to play.
"One to lend, one to lose and one to use."

NEVER be generous with your good pen. I lost my favourite pen of all time through that. I felt terrible about it for MONTHS after and still get a pang of sadness any time I go to write a letter now. T'was a gift from someone no longer with us.

The short pens you get in some shops and bookies are good loaners (don't put them in a pocket or bag though as they will leak - good for the desk though)... as are the cheap and nasty Bic disposables.

If it's life or death and someone needs to use your good pen tell them they can use it right in front of you and take it nowhere or find another pen. So they think you're an arse? Who cares... those who don't appreciate wanting to hang onto your good pen are thieving savages who wouldn't understand the beauty of writing with a good pen if you got them to pen a million words with one and then go to a scratchy, gummed up Bic ball point.
That's exactly how I feel. I personally never lend a pen or pencil to anyone regardless of the quality of the writing implement. I almost lost a family heirloom of sorts in school last year. My mom had given me her old Cross pen that she recieved for her high school graduation. It had run dry so I put in a cheap refill I extracted from a pen I got at a church function. Nevertheless, this was still a nice pen and the thought of misplacing it in a building full of ignorant athlete-types sickened me and loaning it to anyone was never even a thought. After all, one wouldn't lend one's sword to another person and since the pen is indeed mightier than the sword I couldn't imagine lending a pen.
Truly one of the finest Instructables around...Useful, clever and intelligently humorous. Well done, indeed!
This is the funniest, along with one of the most useful, instructibles I've ever read.

-Ash- Ditto, I choose You!
-Ditto- Why'd you say that? I already sliced Paul's face off and collected his blood to use a syrup on our pancakes!

Wait what?
I just had pancakes. No blood though.
I agree
The idea in itself is good; I tried it and it worked fine.

The problem is that I really can't tell any difference between the original ink and the Monte Blanc one. They write exactly the same. Can I have my $14 back, please?
Kharabe7 years ago
Ill take my thirteen dollar flat black write in the rain pen any day, you all can argue about what pen is best. but if it works in the rain and the sand in iraq and afghanistan then itll work in a class room.
Don't forget your waterproof green ranger book haha. Nothing like nightime land-nav in the rain at pldc.
Estwald Kharabe6 years ago
The "write in the rain pens" use the Fischer Space Pen cartridge. So rest assured, not only will it stand up to the sands of Iraq and Afghanistan, it will write under water and in the depths of space.
brmonkey126 years ago
I once cut open a pen and shoved a pencil inside of it, raped the pencil in black tape to the tip and used it to cheat in math. And she thought I was making corrections with a pen lol. But anyway I think it's a good instructable despite the fact i would manage getting in all over me somehow.
Wow, this comment is more popular than the 'ible....almost.  I had consensual sex with a piece of chalk once (^_^)
hopefully someone will post this on failblog
rdy2kll5 years ago
absolutely awesome great then no one will try to steal a two hundred dollar pen
Dutch_Razor5 years ago
 You, sir, are brilliant!

It works flawlessly, just make sure to get the Rollerball and not the normal ballpoint refill.
biscuitking5 years ago
Just Google Rite In The Rain Paper....I use it all the time out in the field.
and-reas5 years ago
I'm studying IT and it's a shame we almost typ everything, instead of writing, otherwise I would do this hack.
 You could always charge the $12 refill to an expense account and tag it as a backup device for MS Word...
mephistocat6 years ago
Brilliant, well-written and hilarious instructable. I worked at a pen shop for a while and will happily confirm that, while nice pens are nice, cheap ones will save sales people the effort of trying to look unfazed you drop 1,000 pounds on a writing implement. -laughs- Anyway, yeah! Ace job. X3;
 I used to act unfazed when customers plopped down thousands with me. Then, after a while, I really was unfazed. Now I'm just grateful...
maxpower496 years ago
sweet my pen writes under water but the paper doesn't last too long any help
......... for my junior machining project i made a detailed Pilot-G2 evolution..... took the same refils, but had a better feel.... used the grip from an easytouch..... integrated (transluscent)pvc and tungsten barrel the feel is amazing, and its very techie looking. aaaah took me forever on the lathe but it was soooo worth it.... thing is the best pen ever!
someguy5646 years ago
Ha. Try a fountain pen, they are ten thousand times better that your montblanc roller ball. (Start with something like a lamy safari)
You can't draw as well with a fountain pen. It's next to impossible to shade effectively with a liquid ink. Ballpoint pens can be used as ultra fine pencils, to shade lightly without the ink running everywhere. And I actually have a lamy safari, which I love for writing, just not drawing.
Agreed! I have quite a few rather nice fountain pens {mostly antique, but, hey, antiques are for win} yet I still use cheap ballpoints for drawing. ; For whatever reason, I really like the look of the lines. -laughs-
2701686 years ago
I use the the uniball signo 0.7 and it works really good. The best part is that the cartrige is big and it lasts a long time. I used it every day for this past month and only half a centimeter is gone from the cartrige.
lol if u dont have a 5 year old make one (this may take a while)
This was a very entertaining Instructable. I will be sure to try it out. Thanks.
ratnator886 years ago
sorry rich kids but i use the most expensive pen ever
*gasp* a bic pen
sanity8 years ago
I once went through a box of pens, doesnt work... next one... doesnt work... next one... doesnt work.... next one... doesnt work... Turns out the paper was not very good to write on. Go figure.
Wow this was posted on my birthday lol :-P
optimize7 years ago
Stop, fools, you are all mistaken! I hate to be the one bursting so many bubbles, but here are some points that have been neglected: 1. The G2 comes with gel ink. The Montblanc refill is a rollerball 2. Gel inks are inherently less smooth than rollerballs. But they have become very popular because they do not dry out like rollerballs and can be used in retractable pens. 3. Using a rollerball refill in a retractable will cause it to dry out and have a sticky ball. 4. Take a look - all rollerballs sold are in capped pens. The water-based liquid ink needs to be kept airtight. 5. Montblanc Ink is good, but look at other true rollerballs, such as the models by Pilot, Uni-ball, and Parker, and you'll find that they are all pretty close. By the way, ball-points use oil based ink and that is why they are very resistant to drying out, but have more resistance when they write. Don't bother with this process. If you want maximum smoothness, try a quality capped non-gel rollerball by itself, such as the Uni-Ball Vision Elite or Pilot Precise.
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