Step 2: Buy, don't shoplift.

Picture of Buy, don't shoplift.
Purchase the brand new G2 Pro and Mont Blanc Rollerball refills from your local office supply store. Cost: G2 Pro=$3, double Mont Blanc refil=$12
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a4806413 years ago
You could just write with the refill cartridge. Very minimalistic.
Do they sell Mont Blanc pens in Australia? I'm not really worried about the pen, just the Mont Blanc stuff.
One ore thing the prices are very high for some websites. Shop around. A roller ball pen should be around $100 US plus shipping not $245.00
I am sure they sell in Australia as well. My suggestion for you is try Google and you will find several websites that sell the Mont Blanc pens. Good luck to you.
vegetapure3 years ago
is this the right one? http://www.amazon.co.uk/Monteverde-Montblanc-Compatible-Medium-Refill/dp/B0025ZX0B4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317769887&sr=8-1
barnsey_24 years ago
just in case everyone else might have the same question that i had, it does not have to be a g2 pro the regular g2 will work just as well...

and i'm on the fence weather i like it or not, it takes absolutely no pressure to lay the ink, and offers no resistance back towards your hand against the paper, thus i find it awkward to write with due to my familiarity with other uncivilized writing utensils many unplanned marks meet the paper while in use. i think i might be just as happy with the $1 g2 pen
Ok, I made 3 different shop (Staples, Omer Desser (quebec city) and stylo pros) and no one had the G2 PRO so I did a new trick by myself MORE SIMPLE (only 2 steps)

Buy a PaperMate FlexGrip utra (http://www.mypencil.com/mall/PAP96601.jpg) MEDIUM

Buy a Mont Blanc Refil (the Ball pen Refill (http://www.staples.ca/ENG/images/products/ca389727_1_enl.jpg) )

Put the Mont Blanc refill in the papermate pen. I KNOW the refill is shorter than the pen but it stay locked in the metal head of the pen.

Here it is :) you have your Mont Blanc Pen !
uncbill5 years ago
re: bad refills, I've had the same problem with Cross. maybe they sit on the shelf so long they dry out.
bluescrubby5 years ago
Fun instructable, thank you! 

I'm curious if anyone has any experience putting the fineliner in a click tube, where it will not seal from outside air completely.  Will it dry out or remain usable through some periods of inactivity? 
Nice instructable!

P.S. The Uni-Ball Vision Micro and Uni-Ball Vision Elite are the best writing pens... period.
 I love thos pens, so smooth, and they are relatively cheap, like a pack of 3 for $5, amazingnessly awelots
and-reas5 years ago
Step 2b: Learn myself to read. Bought a ballpoint refill instead of a rollerball and it doesn't fit :( Oh well, my own fault really.  I'll keep on trying though!
liera215 years ago
This is the link for the G2 pen refill, I guess the Mont Blanc refill should fit all pens that the G2 refill fits


"Pilot® Rollerball Pen Refills, Fits Dr. Grip Gel, G-2, LTD & Executive Q7 Pens"
whats so good about a mont blanc
Go try one out,they are great to write with.Also,they have nice styling and the more expensive ones are gold/silver plated.They have a nice,firm feel to them,too.
Gentlemen, I couldn't immediately find a Pilot G-2 Pro and wanted to pass that a regular G-2 works also. Cheers!
The G6,Dr Grip LTD,Dr Grip gel,Q7 and the ExecuGel would all work.
Do note that I haven't tried it out yet,but in theory they should be able to fit the Mont Blanc refills since they use the G2 refills.

can you get all this stuff in South Australia?
Telios979 years ago
OWWW!! I was opening my pack of MB, the plastic wouldn't rip. WOuldn't rip. Wouldn't rip. Then my hand slipped, and I jammed the package into my eye. Now I'm down to one, and my depth perception is off. Too bad my other is glass. My lawyer will call you.
unixp19716 years ago
I checked a local store and they are providing the rollerpoint refills with both F and M models. Does anyone know which one I should pick?
gilleseg6 years ago
Guess what I am buying tomorrow!!!! Excited, I write all the time and my pens blow... I did only spend like $1 for ten of them but still..... THANK YOU!!
tz1_1zt7 years ago
Great instructable. _Don't make this mistake_ - The front of the MB refill pack looks exactly the same for 'Slim' refills and 'LeGrand' refills. You don't want LeGrand, believe me they do not fit (but do contain lots more lovely ink). The only mention of LeGrand is on the back. Visually, the LeGrand refill does not have the same stepped end plug, it's flat.
injersey7 years ago
This is great. I bought a 2 pack of Mont Blanc Rollerball refills for $10.79 and a 4 pack of the Pilot G2 Gel Ink Rollerballs for $4.99 at Office Max. Worked like a charm. Cost per pen - $8, a real bargain. I was wondering how I was going to tell the difference between the ones with the Mont Blanc refills and the regular G2 pens. The G2 pens have a clear barrel so I can see the name on the refill. Excellent. These are going to be Christmas stocking stuffers .
Benedictine8 years ago
Fantastic hack, can't wait to try it! 2 questions: has anyone tried it with any of the Muji pen cases, and does it have to be a clickable pen or will it also fit in an ordinary case with a cap?
febert9 years ago
I hit a snag buying a single MB refill. It is labeled ISO1275 2 H B DOC. It doesn't look like the one pictured later and won't work in the G2. Has anyone out there hack a pen with this MB model?
Malcohol febert9 years ago
I mistakenly bought one labelled "Ball Pen Refil" not "rollerball refil". The code on the side was ISO12757 - 2 H M DOC. Nevertheless, I was still able to make it fit a standard G2. I cut the little plastic tube that covered the roller into two pieces. One to extend the refil at the back to make it long enough. The other to fatten the refil so that it meets the spring in the G2 at the right place. Works nicely.
haha same i also mistakenly bought the ball pen refill. is the rollerball one an ink? like the ones that comes with the G2?
Jell-08 years ago
This is really great! I used the Pilot Dr. Grip Ger (I have carpel tunnel and this pen fits me well) It fits like a dream! Thanks for the tip!
bam1515158 years ago
haha lol i have a pen in my pocket with the exact same ink tube as the g2 omg wait a second it is the g-2 man im dumb the end's a little ruined cause i dipped it in nepalm and lit it on fire ... i <3 fire
landslide059 years ago
Works even better with the cheap clear plastic G2's because the Mont Blanc label on the refills show through plastic like it was meant to be there. Very stylish.
I did that too. I might go for the G2 Pro for gifts, but the Mont Blanc mockery makes a sweet style as well. I love this little hack!
MP8 years ago
Will the refill fit a Parker? Black ink available? I will check it out later today. Very good idea. "Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds that you plant" - Robert Louis Stevenson
mr depo8 years ago
cool idea, but why do you need a fancy pen?
ramdac mr depo8 years ago
You don't. You need fancy ink. Thus the instructable.
ramdac8 years ago
This worked like a charm. I bought the G2 pro, and the rollerball (montblanc) refills. this took all of about 2 minutes. Very nice
noahh8 years ago
12 dollars for ink refills? Thats outrageos!
This shouldn't be relegated to just G2 Pro pens. The MB refill you show fits the Pilot G2, G2 Pro, G6, and several other generic rollerball metal chassis I tested. Nice little hack, though. Having never used a MB pen, I tried this as a "WTF? It's worth a try." I can now see why the MB ink is so highly desireable.
mrharris9 years ago
Can you find a package of 3 G2's that come with a free pen in the UK?
troe mrharris9 years ago
I could only find a package of 4 G2's when I visited my store :( Apparently they work just as well.
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