Step 6: One of these is not like the other.

Picture of One of these is not like the other.
Laying inks side by side, notice the similarities...hmmm...notice the difference? You're right. The Mont Blanc has about 1/8 inch of extra plastic on the end.
stevenh4293 years ago
LakeLivin9 years ago
Or do you mean the blue plastic at the other end of the Mont Blanc refill? From the pic, the overall lengths of the refills look about the same to me, that's what is confusing.
its the blue plastic bit, we dont need it for this ible
LakeLivin, please never speak again
Ryakx6 years ago
how can any pen cost $200 ?!? Dose it really write THAT good?
hazaelox9 years ago
this message is inttended to inform about the central theme in it, wich are these same words.
LakeLivin9 years ago
Serious comment this time. Would be alot clearer to state that "The Mont Blanc has about 1/8 inch of extra threaded plastic on the end". I'm assuming that's what you mean; can't tell if it's threaded for sure due to the picture resoulution. What's confusing as currently described, the G2 refill actually has more plastic at the end than the Mont blanc refill, although I assume the extra plastic at the verry end of the G2 is smooth.