Save $200 in 2 Minutes and Have the World's Best Writing Pen





Introduction: Save $200 in 2 Minutes and Have the World's Best Writing Pen

Hack together your very own Mont Blanc writing pen for only $15 in about 2 minutes! This video is entirely based upon the awesomely successful Instructable Save $200 in 2 minutes and have the worlds best writing pen

Mont Blanc pens employ some mighty fine technology and are widely regarded as one of the best writing implements in the world.  So what's the problem?  They typically cost between $200 and $300 - a little too expensive of a pen for most of us.  What's the solution?  Modify the ink refill cartridge in 2 minutes of course so that it fits in a regular old Pilot G2.

We're such a fan of kingant's Instructable that we decided to make a little video about it!



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    This was an awesome hack! I have lots of faux Mont Blanc pens and made a bunch for friends. Thanks!!!!!!

    And everybody looks at the pen you have and thinks " That cost less than $5" LOL The Americans developed a pen that would write in zero gravity, cost... $10,000 to develop. The Russians used a pencil! Russia ONE, America NIL... The same as this instructable! Oh Btw. Did the cheap pen work?

    goood one!!! hahahaha!! and btw its a true story

    Apparently old ballpoint pens had pistons in them to push the ink into the ball, but they got rid of that. I think that is how the space pen worked.
    Also when you write down scientific stuff it is preferable to use a pen, because it can't be erased.

    Erasing in zero G's seems like a very risky endavour.

    A bit of clear tape to cover it...

    okay im tired of hearing this saying. its INNACURATE. russians AND americ ans used pencils in space, but the lead was too fragile for this use, so the americans spent $50!!!!! to make this pen not $10,000 not a million. plus, everyone uses this pen in space. and dont think im ragging on the russians, becomes i am russian-american

    Not to mention it was the Fisher company, a private company, who developed the pen, then marketed it to NASA.


    That's rude

    I beg to differ, the only person that will know you have a posh pen refill is the person whom modified the pen. The expense of this pen is the actual pen build, and not the ink refill, hence the price of the seperate parts.