Sometimes when you don't use polymer clay for awhile, it will dry out. Given that polymer clay is generally expensive, you'll want to save it. I've tried this method a lot of times with Fimo, but I think it is suitable for other polymer clay.

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Step 1:


  • Dry clay (raw)
  • Scalpel and/or blaze
  • Baby oil
  • Pasta machine (optional)
  • Mug warmer (optional)

Step 2:

Cut the dry clay into pieces. The smaller the pieces are, the easier and quicker you'll do the process.

Step 3:

Process the clay into the pasta machine to crumble it.

Step 4:

Put the clay on the mug warmer: it will help to melt the clay without cooking it. If you don't have a mug warmer, you can use the warm of your hands. Put some baby oil drops on it.

Step 5:

Put the clay on the board and start to work it, trying to put it back together. You'll notice that with oil and warm it will be soften.

Step 6:

Repeat steps 3, 4 and 5 until you're happy with the result.

Step 7:

Now the clay is back at its softness!

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