Save Energy by Switching Internet Browsers

Find saving energy hard and annoying to do? A tedious task like unplugging all the appliances gets old and annoying fairly quickly. Save energy just by switching browsers. As an added bonus you can even personalize your browser to match your personality while helping the environment. It only saves a little on certain monitors, but every bit counts.
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Step 1: Choosing Your Browser

As I have told you before you could personalize your energy saving browser, my favorite is To find the browsers all you have to do is go to your current internet browser and type in whatever color you want and add le at the end. Ex: pinkle or redle. Then press search it should pop-up something like the picture below. Click on the first link. Or you can go to the 2rd step and click on those links. Much easier and faster.

Step 2: Browsers I Found - Black - Pink - Red - Green

Not all of the browsers tell you how much energy you save, but you still save energy

Step 3: Setting Your Homepage

Here are simple steps to change your homepage:
1) Click Tools
2) Options
3) Main
4) There at the top type in your browser Ex:
Now every time you get on the computer you'll be reminded of how your helping our planet.

If this doesn't work click on the help and figure it out through there.
cornboy35 years ago
I understand the point of this but don't most people just use the search bar in Firefox rather than actually going to Also just for clarification, Google is not a browser, Firefox is and so is Google Chrome. Google is a search engine, just like Bing or Yahoo!
i go to  because the text stays in the box, and im not sure why but it aggravates me
LkArio5 years ago
If you REALLY want to help, encourage changing energy sources. Solar power doesn't do anything at all to the planet, as far as I know.
only if one day all power is solar and we all die bc its shiny, =)
cornflaker5 years ago
As mentioned before on LCD screens the colour black actually uses a fraction more power (lol) and i just thought id mention that you are switching Home Pages not Browsers :P
A web browser is the program you use to access the internet, eg Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Opera, etc.
Or maybe you were meaning switch Search Engines?
nachosyumm5 years ago
This does nothing for lcd monitors which it seems like most people have now. Using a crt monitor in itself is a huge waste of electricity. This seems more like spam for the websites than a legitamate instructable...
edfel01 (author)  nachosyumm5 years ago
well its not ment to be i dont now all this lcd monitor crap of the top of my head. I just made an instructable that i thought was good and entered it into the contest.
Foaly7 edfel015 years ago
I don't know why you did, it doesn't even do anything.
Kyle_S5 years ago
I'm sorry, but aside from reminding people to save energy, this does very nearly nothing, and as far as instrucables go, is pretty bad. I rote a not very nice comment (not rude or crude, just accurate), and deleted most of it because it was... well mean. So three points: if you're going to reference a paper, give is a full name, properly referenced, and if possible, a link. Don't allude to it. I'm going to guess this instructable is based on "Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers", by Judy A. Roberson, Gregory K. Homan, Akshay Mahajan, Bruce Nordman, Carrie A. Webber, Richard E. Brown, Marla McWhinney, and Jonathan G. Koomey. Now, according to the paper I mentioned (good paper give it a read), this ible only applies to CRTs. Only in CRTs does the color displayed correlate to the amount of energy used. It should also be explained that this really isn't switching browsers to some special one, but using a skinned version of a standard browser.
ac7ss5 years ago
On an LCD monitor the savings would be with a white screen. (Pixels are energized to block the light on LCD) but it is marginal at most. Good joke.
Switching to Firefox good, yes, saves power, no. but putting the crappy google front on it does nothing to help save power, it actually makes you use more of your energy trying to find what you want through the crappy custom search.
This has nothing to do with changing browsers, you simply use some inferior search engine to save a tiny bit of energy supposedly. Also, I don't think you're allowed to use that Songbird image.
stuuf5 years ago
Since when is anyone who cares about saving energy not using a laptop already, or at least an LCD monitor for their desktop? And how is a repainted Google frontend an "Internet Browser?"
Kryptonite5 years ago
*reads comments* Ok now I'm confused, it looks great but does it really help?
Holden_vy_s5 years ago
This has nothing to do with changing Internet Browsers, you are simply using a Google mirror.
I agree.
RyanPotter5 years ago
75% of computer monitors are LCD screens, which do not benefit from this. The CRT monitors which do benefit only save between 5% and 20% of their electricity.
Flea RyanPotter5 years ago
Correct RyanPotter. Also, you're being redirected to a mirror which is surely less efficient than google's servers. You'll end up wasting more electricity. All you're doing is making money for those mirror websites.
lemonie5 years ago
Did you lift all of this from elsewhere (e.g. or is there actually some original content in here?
RyanPotter makes a good point, which you haven't addressed in the pasting.