Save Money by Melting Your Deoderant





Introduction: Save Money by Melting Your Deoderant

Being the natural tightwad that I am, I'm always annoyed when there is a small ammount of deoderant, shampoo, lotion, etc. that cannot be used in the bottom of the bottle or package. This solution allows you to use that last little bit of deoderant left in the stick.

Step 1: Materials:

-Used deoderant stick
-New deoderant stick
-Baking soda, fragrance, or other additives (optional)

Step 2: Tools:

-Microwave oven
-Paper towels (optional, but good for keeping things clean)

Step 3: Melt Out the Remainder of the Old Deoderant Stick

Microwave the old deoderant for about 30 seconds or until it melts. It's a good idea to put a paper towel underneath the deoderant in the microwave so it doesn't spill anywhere.

Step 4: Pour Into New Deoderant Stick

Pour the melted remainder of the old deoderant into the new deoderant stick. You can add several different kinds of deoderant in layers, or add baking soda for a natural deoderant. Let everything cool for at least half an hour before using. Throw away the empty deoderant stick (it's given everything it has!).


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So with this, there are some in the comments complaining it gave them a bad mess in their microwave. Is there a way to melt it down in an empty pot put in a pot of boiling water? Or just with heat alone? I have a stick that is dehydrated and I have 0$ and am just wondering if the stovetop could be an alternative? I don't want stinky underarms. I just want my deoderant stick to be new again.

Good instructable, discontinuity. Also like the idea of a poster to turn the stick upside down in the microwave. I was going to post an instructable on this topic (even have the video made) by digging out the unused product from the plastic "pusher" at the bottom of the stick with a q tip (pusher is rotated to the top of the container and removed from the container) and piling old deodorant on the top of the new deodorant but your method is better. Maybe the poster from the past with no microwave could use this method.

I gotta say... I'm a cheap ass when it comes to living expenses... college, lackofmoneyitus etc. made it necessity... But wow. You score an A because I am either 1)afraid of you for some unknown reason 2) thinking you have some useful OCD tendencies (such as my roomate :P). Nice first instructable ;)

LOl, I love this idea, but I also love your response to it! Thanks for brightening up my day!


Lavilin ( is
highly effective at killing odors. All-natural product.

Great idea. Did it. Will continue to do so. Four comments: 1) turn the old stick upside down in microwave with cap on 2) use less time in the microwave (try 10 second increments until you hit your microwave's magic number); 3) consider it a two phase operation- buy your new deodorant, cut a bit off the new deodorant stick (perhaps a half-inch with a sharp long knife across the width for fastest results), place in one of the two caps, microwave this until it is liquid, pour the liquid into the old stick, allow the stick to cool being careful to brace it as it will be top-heavy and prone to tip over, use your old stick for another week or two, then microwave the entire old stick with cap on upside down in microwave, pour contents into new stick, and discard/recycle the old stick container. Employing the two phase operation keeps you from having to manage a stockpile of old sticks, creates needed space in the new stick at the margin, and also keeps you from having to deal with irritation coming from the hard edges of the deodorant case when you get to the very end of the life of the original deodorant stick. Thank you discontinuuity!

hey you guys....rather than buying the stuff from the store....why not make your own:

Yeah.... I was actually stupid enough to try this. All I got was an empty deoderant tube and a messed up microwave. This wasn't a great deal for me.

if you turn the stick upside down, the melting liquid flows into the non-porous cap, preventing it from spilling all over the microwave (unless you melt the cap).