In this Instructable, I will teach you tips how to help the environment, help your wallet, and save the world.

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Step 1: Reduce

Consumerism. people say it's awful, and never do anything about it. But if you cut down on the products you buy, and the waste you create, it makes economic sense. For example: According to the USDA, the average american consumes about a loaf of bread a week. Most americans thrown out the heels, but (assuming that the heels have about the same amount of calories as a normal slice of bread) that wastes about 160 calories per week. That's equals 8342.4 calories a year for one adult. The average calories a human needs to survive is 2,250 calories a day. That means you waste enough food to survive on for four days. If you assume that 2/3 of americans throw away their heels, that's 1.7 million calories a year, wasted on heels alone. That's enough to feed someone for more than two years. Here are some other ways to save resources, money, and time that are incredibly simple:

• Leave the stems of mushrooms on.
• Buy more efficient lightbulbs.
• Turn the brightness on your computer down.
• Turn down your thermostat. In winter, every degree is about a 5% decrease in heating costs.
• Don't use lights in the middle of the day.
thats a great,instructable but you forgot a couple of &quot;Rs&quot;<br> <strong>Refuse</strong>, to buy junk , excess packing, stuff made by exploiting people or the environment, or items that cannot be repaired<br> <strong>Repair</strong>, Maintain and look after the stuff you've already got.<br> Im sure there is another R but i cant remember what it is
True, I'm thinking of doing a part 2

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