Introduction: Save Space in Your Closet

Do you need more space in your closet? Then this simple instructable will help you!

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need pop tabs from the top of soda cans....that's it!

Step 2: Place Poptabs

Put the hook of the hangers from your closet through the top hole in each tab. Slide each tab to the bottom of the hook.

Step 3: Stack Hangers

Put the hook of a hanger through the bottom hole in each tab.

Step 4: Keep Stacking

You can stack as many hangers as you want to. To save the most space in your closet, stack hangers until your clothes reach the ground.


neo71665 (author)2014-12-29

I got a ton of bulk key rings on amazon and they aint as finicky as the coke can tabs getting the hangers in/out.

mniswanger (author)2014-12-29

This is a good idea

aGreenCrafter (author)mniswanger2014-12-29

It's pretty useful :)

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