Picture of Save Space and Combat the Mess
Instructables fans are busy and creative. May bring some chaos.

But we can combat the mess and save space, through creativity...

These steps are no Instructables, but presentations of various installations I made in this topic, to (maybe) give you some ideas.

Step 1: A Computer in the Shelf

This Mac-mini has a foldable LCD screen mount (on hanging rails), and a drawer for the keyboard and mouse.
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Awesome ideas mate. I like the broom sliding panel.

PetrichorXFi2 months ago
Very nicely done!

I especially appreciate how you kept the broom/mop sliding panel open to the room, I suspect that if it was a closed flush to the wall "hidden storage", it would probably get moldy.

Question... are you able to sweep the slot this is located in? Looks like it might be hard to dust out nicely.
lakazdi2 years ago
These space saving methods remind me of my own house! It's great being a problem solver!
laxap (author)  lakazdi2 years ago
it appears that being a problem solver should be a well-kept secret --otherwise, the more problems you solve, the more new ones come!

Feel free to post any of your solutions!
abisabel2 years ago
amazing! i want this! i wish this is my home
uersel3 years ago
Wher did you get the CD-shelf? I need something like this to catsafe/close a gap between my "billywall" and the wall...
laxap (author)  uersel3 years ago
This is an Ikea vertical/horizontal shelf. It seems that they do not sell it any longer :-(
uersel laxap3 years ago
I was afraid you might answer that... So I have to come up with something different.
lobalt3 years ago
That's literally a high-fi remote! :)
Dr.Bill5 years ago
Cool Idea for a crack of a space ! Wish I HAD a crack of a space to use !
dafoofoo5 years ago
Awesome idea and yet so simple! Using a water bottle as weight to retract it back was not necessary but I really liked the idea. It's a bonus to make it even that much better!
kawaiipeach5 years ago
i love this! 
This house deserves a medal. But i know you're holding back, there's some room in this house that you added, and you have to hit the secret button under the trapdoor or pull the yellow book. 
berky936 years ago
it would be cool if that organizational shelf was inlaid into the corner of your wall there instead of right in front of it. but that may weaken the structural integrity of the wall/house
chrwei6 years ago
can you expand on how this is done? the keyboard drawer is obvious enough, but where does one find the mechanics for the LCD drawer? doesn't look like standard server rack stuff which commonly works the same way
laxap (author)  chrwei6 years ago
The LCD drawer was home-made with these parts:
  • 2 x drawer rails: full extension drawer runners; 300mm extension
  • 4 x L, to hang the two above rails; not visible on the pictures
  • 2 x foldable L brackets; with ratchet and spring-loaded release
  • 2 x steel bars, to hold the monitor on the L brackets
  • 2 x aluminium bars of L profile
  • lots of bolts, nuts and washers
Maybe I should write a detailed instructable for this alone ?
Killanat3 laxap6 years ago
Would you please make a instructable . For this I have a plan for this I need it bad. This would work great for a 22 in that i want to run off my laptop at the end of my bed !
chrwei laxap6 years ago
it's certainly worthy of it's own. Might be a short one, but those are some of the best
myckro6 years ago
Really cool instructable!!! good to take ideas from!!!
Nucleus6 years ago
You, love hiding everything don't you?
Nekro6 years ago
awesome. To the favs. :)
sassy8girl6 years ago
that folding computer desk idea is genius as is that nokia tablet idea
foobear6 years ago
love the pull-out hiding sweepers, genius!
pdub776 years ago
Great work! My junk is everywhere. I could clearly learn a thing or two from you.
dombeef6 years ago
Great mac mini! What year is it?
laxap (author)  dombeef6 years ago
I don't remember exactly. At that time it was still a good deal. 2004 ? It is a PPC one.
dombeef laxap6 years ago
Mine is 2005
ohbejoyful6 years ago
I need a roommate with your skills - care to move to Portland, Oregon? :) These are all amazing. I have a lovely vertical CD cabinet that I'm no longer using, and it is definitely going to be turned into a power station. Love love love.
TimmysToys6 years ago
This looks like a very creative use of folding shelf/table brackets set on their side! Check out Lee Valley Hardware (http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.aspx?c=2&p=40037&cat=3,43648,43651&ap=1)
tsvlasuk6 years ago
I love #3, the sliding panel for brooms. Could you explain further about the water bottle - where it is, what it does? I don't understand that part.
from what I can see, and prior experience, the water bottle acts as a counter weight that brings the sliding wall back into it's cubby when forgotten. As I saw, in the picture, there is a door close to this installation and if the sliding wall is left out it may cause damage.
laxap (author)  davisbarrett6 years ago
This is all correct. See the picture below. And indeed, there is another door nearbye, so yes, I needed this counter weight to prevent the sliding panel from staying forgotten out.
tsvlasuk laxap6 years ago
Ah, thank you, I see it now. I guess I didn't look at all the pictures the first time through! Thx for the great ideas!
sabbott6 years ago
really impressive organizing!
pless846 years ago
Those are some neat ideas :) I might use some of them in my home :)
goatgirly6 years ago
you have a lot of gadgets.(and good storage ideas for them)
tihi6 years ago
Very nice and practical!
CazzPhoenix6 years ago
The sliding panel for brooms has to be the coolest thing i've ever seen.. too bad I live in an apartment or I'd build that immediately. Have you though of mounting a panel with a handle over it to hide it?
laxap (author)  CazzPhoenix6 years ago
Yes, but I finally didn't do it:
  • no time
  • not too much visually disturbing
  • I can pick the frequently used broom without even sliding the panel
(Brooms... thanks for teaching me the right word. Corrected the ible from brushes to brooms.)

emmjul6 years ago
Nice House, and pretty cool homeimprovement ideas
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