Step 1: Reuse.

Use a shredder to shred paper that you would trash. Put that in your cages instead of regular store bedding , but don't that with reptiles. It also saves money and doesn't harm the earth.
If have animals that like to hide use cereal boxes or shoe boxes and cut holes in them. This is a nice way to save money because the hide boxes are about $15-20.

Best thing to use for cleaning a small animal cages is plain old white vinegar - its cheap - anti bacterial and anti viral and cuts ammonia smell (pee) and will not hurt their lungs like most strong cleaners can . NEVER use bleach or anything harsh because it cause breathing problems for your lil critters....
Bleach is fine to use, and recommended if your pet is sick, if you're adding a new pet to the house, etc. You just have to rinse it well and let it air out before putting your animal back in. Chlorine bleach dissipates in the air. <br />
white vinegar is a great idea!<br />
dont use plastic!!!!! they can chew off shards and can choke them if swallowed..
owww your guniea pig is so cute im getting one next year!
can anyone come up with an idea for a bottle came into a gecko cave/toy/hide-out ?
This one scared me when the first two photos in the ible were of a Guinea pig and a shredder. The fist combination I thought of to save money with your pets was...well...you get the idea.
it scared me to that poor little guinea pig! then luckily i read the first instructions before i clicked the flag link
hahaha that cracked me up, my first thoughts were, hmmm a shredder and a rabbit..... ...... good or bad combonation........ lol
If you were going to, I suggest doing this first: <br/><a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Feed-a-snake-the-safe-way-with-CO2/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Feed-a-snake-the-safe-way-with-CO2/</a><br/><br/>Just to be more humane...<br/>
I would be a bit hesitant in using anything with ink on it for pets (since they tend to "eat" the paper, or at least put it in their mouth to shove it around)...
most newspapers now use a soy ink that is non-toxic, but check with your local paper.
Another good idea is using Antibacterial soap (you can get about half a litre for a couple of dollars) and elbow grease to clean the cage - we wet the floors, dollop the soap about and scrub scrub scrub. Much cheaper than commercial cage cleaners, and we've noticed a big drop in reactions from the rats too. You can also make your own hammocks for pets that like to lounge - rather than toss them, simply wash them and reuse.
this is so cool if you have any more cool ideas please email them to mattyts@live.co.uk
This instructable would be so much better with a few more pictures! Can't you photograph some of the suggestions you mentioned, even if it is just pics of shoe boxes with holes cut in them or old cans? Otherwise, it seems to have some sensible suggestions.

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