Picture of Save money on pets.
Simple Instructable on how to save money on pets. 2nd instructable.
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Step 1: Reuse.

Picture of Reuse.
Use a shredder to shred paper that you would trash. Put that in your cages instead of regular store bedding , but don't that with reptiles. It also saves money and doesn't harm the earth.
If have animals that like to hide use cereal boxes or shoe boxes and cut holes in them. This is a nice way to save money because the hide boxes are about $15-20.

Step 2: Be creative.

Picture of Be creative.
Before you recycle plastic bottles,cardboard ,or even through away wood chunks think about it. can I make something out of this? Can I use this in a different way?Well maybe I can turn this plastic bottle into a cricket catcher for a gecko,this box into a house for a hamster,or these wood chunks into gnawing blocks for a rabbit. It's all reusable. It's just limited by you're creativity.

Step 3: Ideas.

Picture of Ideas.
Maybe use a bottle and Instructables to make a cricket trap or keeper.
A box to make a house or play pen for your hamster.
A can to make a trap for your loose rat.
Wood chunks into gnawing blocks for you're rabbit.
An old coat hanger into a hanger for those wood blocks.
Not showed I made a box into a house for Rocky.

Step 4: Use less.

Picture of Use less.
Use less cleaner on you're cage when you're cleaning it,or maybe less shampo on you're dog.
If you use less shampo when cleaning you're dog you can save more money plus if you look for good deals on stuff you can save a lot of money.
highwaykind6 years ago
I would be a bit hesitant in using anything with ink on it for pets (since they tend to "eat" the paper, or at least put it in their mouth to shove it around)...
most newspapers now use a soy ink that is non-toxic, but check with your local paper.