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Possibly not a real instructable in a strict sense, just an advice on good resources for gifts wrapping paper.
And a chance to wish you all a merry Christmas.
Buon Natale.

Step 1: Decisions, decisions !

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The resource is in this case the National Geographic magazine. It provides great maps I want to save. Sometimes they happen not be be very interesting to me but always have a great look and composition so they make a great source for wrapping paper. I just have to find out the one I don't want to save.
cwise104 years ago
you can always make custom wrapping paper and use whats left for scrapbooking or other useful family projects
cool iv been using news paper for the past 3 years or so. i just made an instructable on it.
Very Keri7 years ago
Here's another reusable wrapping material and instructions on how to make it pretty.

5Volt (author)  Very Keri7 years ago
Furoshiki ! I checked that at the time and found it great. Tried also some of them. Thanks for your hint. Ciao
looks cool!