Save Online Flash Games to Your Computer to Play OFFLINE!





Introduction: Save Online Flash Games to Your Computer to Play OFFLINE!

This is how to Save online Flash games to your computer to play OFFLINE! (yes, i copied it from the title)
You need:
A computer
Firefox browser(it will work ONLY w/ Firefox)
This Instructable

Note: I have a Mac, but it will work on Windows and Linux too

*EDIT* Other people made ibles on this too, but mine doesn't use downloadhelper or any of that crap

Step 1: Getting to the Game

this one's a no-brainer-go to the web page where you play the game and wait for it to load COMPLETELY

Step 2: Downloading the Web Page

Next, go to File->Save Page As...  and make sure to save it(wherever you want) as a complete web page.

Step 3: Finding the Game-Part One

Now, you should have TWO folders on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) One, a HTML file, the other a folder called "(name of file)_files"

Step 4: Finding the Game-Part Two

Open up the folder (you can toss the HTML file) and look for a .swf file. That is your game! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! if there is more than one flash file, it usually is the one NAMED the title of the game. If none are, try them all(see next step)

Step 5: How to Play Your Newly Downloaded Game

Just open it w/ your FASTEST browser (does NOT have to be firefox, i use opera) and there is a free, OFFLINE game so you can play it w/o a internet connection (or, in my case, at my grandparent, OMG they still have dial-up GRRRRRRRRR IT TAKES SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!)



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    have you ever played super mario bros. crossover? try it best flash game ever

    1 reply

    Thanks, this is what I was looking for my website. I have a website. I tried everywhere to find the games, but None of them are running. I tried to download the .swf file and then upload it to my server. But it is showing the white screen. If you can help me out please do that. I also tried to copy the frame part, but still, it was not working.

    Yay, I did it! Thanks!

    i dont undeerstand plz help meeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

    Do I absolutely have to use my web browser? Or can I use Adobe itself, because if I remember correctly, I had downloaded a version of happy wheels a long time ago (don't have it anymore) and it opened in adobe; will I still be able to do that or no? I would like to copy these games to my usb stick to play at school since a lot of games there are blocked (>.<). Thanks :)

    hello, the flash game i'm playing have something like save data, so if i play the game, should i redownload the save file, so that my save data from the last game is updated?

    And what will happen if i reinstalled the first browser? Will the cache saved still be able to be used normally? Or the data is gone instead?

    Anyway the game i'm playing is Arcuz, please Help!

    Thanks in Advance!! :D

    I have done this a few times now, it is quick and easy and has always worked. Try it!

    Hello, I can't find an .SWF file in the folder, i'll show you pics of what i see.

    Please help, Thanks

    flash game.pngflash.png
    1 reply

    You need to show the file extensions. I don't remember how to do it off the top of me head, so just Google it.

    I think not all games websites allow that.

    worked like a charm :D

    thanx a lot :) :)

    If this doesnt work, hit f12, reload the page, and then open the network tab. Find the .flv files that load and put them in the same folder as the SWF.

    Wow, I have never thought of this, Thank you!!!

    You're a hero of many game addicts!

    Nice post always wanted to learn how to play <a href="">Flash Games</a>offline

    Umm..I tried doing it and it comes up with this.

    Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 1.01.46 am.png

    when i open the swf its just a black there another swf??

    1 reply

    Probabley having my issue too.