Step 5: How to play your newly downloaded game

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Just open it w/ your FASTEST browser (does NOT have to be firefox, i use opera) and there is a free, OFFLINE game so you can play it w/o a internet connection (or, in my case, at my grandparent, OMG they still have dial-up GRRRRRRRRR IT TAKES SO LONG!!!!!!!!!!)
jordanwade3 years ago
when i open the swf its just a black screen....is there another swf??
Probabley having my issue too.
Lokio271 year ago
For me, when I fire the game up, it just shows the loading screen... forever.. and ever.. and ever..
it works with a usb would it work on Cd i wanna know because my desktop is a win 98 and does not recognize flash drives
AJBrawlLvr (author)  survivorwolf4 years ago
As long as you save it as a data file, I see no reason why it wouldnt. ive never tried it, but i am almost positive it will (you may have to copy it to the hard drive, afain, im not sure)
Creator755 years ago
If I did this on a computer with firefox, could I save the files to my flash drive and play them on another computer without internet or firefox?
YES yes you can i saved a couple to my flash drive and it works fine from switching from a fire fox browser to something like internt explorer google crome. the only thing thaat i found a bit weird was that it cut the width of the game on the right sideof the screen but that wasn't to troublesome.
timothymh5 years ago
 Thanks for this awesome tutorial!