Save online Flash games to your computer to play OFFLINE!

This is how to Save online Flash games to your computer to play OFFLINE! (yes, i copied it from the title)
You need:
A computer
Firefox browser(it will work ONLY w/ Firefox)
This Instructable

Note: I have a Mac, but it will work on Windows and Linux too

*EDIT* Other people made ibles on this too, but mine doesn't use downloadhelper or any of that crap

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Step 3: Finding the Game-Part One

Picture of Finding the Game-Part One
Now, you should have TWO folders on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) One, a HTML file, the other a folder called "(name of file)_files"

Step 4: Finding the Game-Part Two

Open up the folder (you can toss the HTML file) and look for a .swf file. That is your game! YAYYYYYYYYYYYY! if there is more than one flash file, it usually is the one NAMED the title of the game. If none are, try them all(see next step)
jordanwade3 years ago
when i open the swf its just a black there another swf??
Probabley having my issue too.
Lokio271 year ago
For me, when I fire the game up, it just shows the loading screen... forever.. and ever.. and ever..
it works with a usb would it work on Cd i wanna know because my desktop is a win 98 and does not recognize flash drives
AJBrawlLvr (author)  survivorwolf4 years ago
As long as you save it as a data file, I see no reason why it wouldnt. ive never tried it, but i am almost positive it will (you may have to copy it to the hard drive, afain, im not sure)
Creator754 years ago
If I did this on a computer with firefox, could I save the files to my flash drive and play them on another computer without internet or firefox?
YES yes you can i saved a couple to my flash drive and it works fine from switching from a fire fox browser to something like internt explorer google crome. the only thing thaat i found a bit weird was that it cut the width of the game on the right sideof the screen but that wasn't to troublesome.
timothymh5 years ago
 Thanks for this awesome tutorial!