Save Space When Storing Plastic Bags





Introduction: Save Space When Storing Plastic Bags

This video shows how to fold a supermarket plastic bag to save space to store them. If you recycle these bags for you trash bin, you will find this very useful.



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    I've always been so lazy to pack up my plastic bags when I chuck them into storage. I've just been tying knots in them to keep them from tangling with others! Haha!

    This is really fantastic. I've been using your idea since seeing it and have to say it has saved the day more than once. It's so easy to have a little triangle stashed in a pack, purse, car or pocket. It doesn't get tangled up with other stuff. It doesn't catch the wind and blow away. Brilliant!! I now fold all plastic bags this way.

    Thank you very much for yor comment!

    I like to use these bags to throw diapers/ wet clothes in so it's handy to keep them in my diaper bag so this works perfect for woulodn't be practical for at home where I have hundreds of these things and I don't plan on spending a minute each on them ....maybe if there was a fast way to just roll them up or something then I would do it!

    This is freaking great. Obviously, saving space is far more important than saving time.

    Very cool. I like that, yes same as folding the flag. I always save my bags.

    That's the same fold that's used to fold the American Flag. Haven't seen that since my Army days.

    that's exactly what I was thinking, and I'm in scouts, we do that all the time

    Hey Porsche Fan; Great minds think alike. Stay in the Scouts. It's a great organization. When I was in the Army. My unit was tasked to support the National Boy Scout Jamboree at Ft. A.P. Hill, VA back in the early '90s. I was amazed at how resourceful they were. I definitely got an education working with the Scouts.

    Thanks for that - will save me loads of space ....