Save That Lens Prescription





Introduction: Save That Lens Prescription

Every time I go to order contact lenses, I've lost the prescription specs.  All I need is the label from my lens refills, something I threw away months ago.

Here's a quick life-hack: use double sided tape to attach a label to the bottom of your lens case.  Problem solved!



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    Here's my even simpler instructable: Take a picture of the label with your phone (which is always with you). Show it to your optician when you need to re-order. problem solved. I do this with all sorts of things... including taking a picture of my handwritten scribbled notes if they have important info. Your phone camera is a very handy "note-keeper".


    Ya, totally! I started doing the same. Good forbid my phone gets h4acked...

    If possible, see if you can get a trial pair of daily-replacement lenses when you get your prescription. I don't prefer the feeling of them, but having an emergency pair stashed in a purse of backpack can be extremely useful. If you lose your bag, or something happens to the lenses, it's not as big a loss as a pair of your usual lenses.


    Good idea, good way to get through bit longer!

    that is really cool but i always carry a replacement pair in their original prescription package with them both in a large tic tac case.


    Sounds good. My problem is I use that last pair, wear them way too long, then have no documentation. Bad time to be searching for specs...

    Thank you for your excellent explanation of contact lense prescriptions. I have been a lense tech for 5 years and have never heard it explained better.
    Prescription info ( all prescriptions, not just contact or eyeglass) should always be carried with you in case you need an emergency replacement as I did on a cross country motorcycle trip some years ago.
    Happy trails,

    Yes, I agree, very nice. I do this with "bigger" pieces of equipment, but never thought about the smaller ones.

    Good idea/ ible and will surely save me money. The info from the third man is invaluable and a service to all. On a lesser note, my step dad (X X step dad) wanted to have his prescription tattooed onto his eyeballs. My mom and I had to drag him out of the tattoo parlor and bribe him with pinks chili dogs (he ate like about 13). To this day he still thinks it was a good idea.


    Glad it is useful.

    Looks like your X X step dad watched Memento a few times...

    But what would he do when his prescription changes?