i found an old rusty box with elephants on the side. i liked the elephants and used them for decorarion on a wooden box i mede for them.

Step 1: Remove and Clean

i used simple pliers for removal (the box was very rusty what made it easy). for cleaning i used universal stripper and metal brush (not on the photo). to remove the welding i used grinder with sanding paper.

Step 2: The Wooden Box

i used an old wooden shelf (no photo), used saw and sandpaper. put it togheter with little nails and woodglue. painted the box with wood varnish.

Step 3:

i glued the elephants with pattex glue. i took this photo with the glue not dry so it looks white but that disappeared when the glue was dry.

<p>Nice! Simple, easy, charming.</p>
<p>thank you</p>
<p>would have been a shame to let those elephant go to waste! :)</p>
<p>thank you, first idea was only t take photo's of the old box (i like photgraphy) but i could not trow away the elephants...:)</p>

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