Save the Veggies!!! (a Simple Solution)





Introduction: Save the Veggies!!! (a Simple Solution)

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I never worried about your tomatoes, salads, carrots, onions and peppers first to reach the mouths of squirrels or birds peaks.

I think I've found the solution. View the images and adapt the project to your needs.

I have a big space 14 x 14 ft, but the idea could be do it anywhere and at any size.

If you need specific pictures let me know

Step 1: Materials

Step 2: Laterals

Step 3: My Proud in This Project? My Hinges. :-)

Step 4: The Door Panel

Step 5: I Used Mesh Hole 1"

1" Mesh Hole, New Anti Bird Netting Net Netting Aviary Game Poultry Bird 1"x1" Mesh

looks like

Step 6: They Are Safe Now :-)

Dimensions of my garden 14x14
Cage cost around $100

PS: It seems fragile, but is stable enough to withstand strong winds from the Northwest Florida

PS: Next version will be better :-)

(use Vaseline before glue. it be more easy for try if your cuts are corrects)



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    I've done something similar using free bamboo. It lasted a few years.

    If you reduce the distance between the post of 7 to 3.5 I think there is no problem

    If you need to make several or a big one it has a 3/4" mesh

    DEWITT G-DDF7350 Deer Fence, 7 ft. H, 350 ft. L, Black 68$ at this moment

    I like your build. I am impressed with the hinge but I saw a simpler hinge a long time ago I have never tried it but here is the link to it and it would probably be cheaper than the one you made. but both ways seem to be very good diys.

    thanks for the page. I didn't know it (for next projects)

    I tried a similar way but always they broke.

    Both ways look good just thought you might like that way if you hadn't already tried it. I wasn't going to make anything as big as yours so maybe the hinge I saw would be better for a smaller enclosure.

    Very simple solution. I remember putting down nets over our strawberries to keep the birds out when I was a kid.