Save kids shoes from scuff marks and make them last longer

Picture of Save kids shoes from scuff marks and make them last longer
Kid's shoes are forever being scuffed, beaten and battered, and a lot of the time the rest of the shoes are perfectly fine! Extend the life of your kid's shoes with this easy project by filling holes or weak areas.

Sugru is awesome:

- It sticks to most materials including textile, material and some plastics
- It is flexible when cured so is ideal for shoes
- You can create any colour or shade that you like to match your material exactly

Sugru is available from our online shop.

*Note that sugru will wear away pretty quickly if used on the soles. However it is perfect for edges and the exterior :)
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You will need:

- The scuffed or ripped shoes
- 1x minipack of sugru, or more if you want to colour match an exact shade
- Scissors
- Dry tissue paper

Step 2: Opening and colour mixing the sugru

Picture of Opening and colour mixing the sugru
Start by giving the scuffed area a wipe down with some dry toilet paper, this will remove grease and residue. Then cut open your minipack around the dotted line and remove the sugru.

If you want to colour mix this is your opportunity: check out our colour mixing guide at! I've set myself the challenge of mixing this hot pink: white and a little red will make the pink, but it is a warm shade so I might also add a splodge of yellow.

For colour mixing it is easier to start with the lightest shade and slowly add in the darker colours. I have begun by kneading a small blob of red into the white, and added a little more until it looks similar to the shoe colour. Finally I mixed in a tiny piece of yellow - the colours are almost identical!

As always, if the sugru is sticking to your fingers then give them a wipe with toilet paper which get rid of any sugru residue :)