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Introduction: Saving Your Images for Your Task

1. Open a new Google doc and use this page to safe your pictures.

2. Use ctrl (control) and the "c" key to copy.

3. Use ctrl (control) and the "v" key to paste.

Step 1: Create the First Page

1. Open a new Google doc. and name your page.

2. Go to file/Page Setup

3. Set the page to Landscape.

You may change the page colour if you wish.

Step 2: Insert Your FIrst Image

1. Go to your document with your saved images.

2. You can use a two finger tap on your track pad (and choose copy), or use Control/c.

3. Bring the image to your Google doc and paste (Control/v or two finger tap/copy).

4. Set your magnification to 50% so you can see your whole page.

5. Centre your image.

Step 3: Type Your Title

1. Bring your cursor below your image by using the enter key.

2. Type the words My Book Review. Remember it is a title and you need capitals.

3. Type your name.

Step 4: Create Your Second Page

1. Insert a two column by one row table.

2. This will divide your page in half.

3. Name each column: Characters and Setting



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    Great simple guide :)